Hello, Fall!

Hello, Fall!

Georgia appears to have finally gotten the memo that we are officially in autumn and we don’t need to be 90 degrees anymore. This weekend has been absolutely beautiful and I’m hoping the fall weather sticks around.

It is my favorite time of year: football games and sweaters and boots and cooking all those foods that don’t taste as good in the middle of a hot summer (I’m looking at you, chili).

As you may have guessed from the fact that I disappeared from the blog for two months, life here has been very busy. I started teaching at university in August, Derrick was gone for almost the entire month of August, and Penny has been adjusting to a new daycare.

I’m really enjoying teaching so far. I’m teaching general chemistry and organic chemistry lecture sections along with gen chem and organic labs. As I’ve been preparing lecture notes, it’s strange to think that 10 years ago I was actually in college taking these classes! The first few weeks were really stressful as I tried to figure out what I was doing and how to interact with my classes, but the other professors in the department (and some of my professors from undergrad/grad school) have been really helpful so I feel like I have my feet under me now at least.

PJ hated daycare for about 1.5 weeks and it was awful. There was a lot of tears (maybe from both of us, maybe…) and screaming and general misery, but by the end of her second week, she finally stopped crying and clutching at me when I dropped her off. These days, when we get to school and she runs to get to her classroom. They play outside a lot so I’m pretty sure she probably likes school more than being at home with me all the time! I still have some Mom-guilt about working full time and putting her in daycare, but since she’s been going, she has been better with separation and playing on her own, so there are good aspects to sending her to socialize.

I can’t believe how much she has grown up in the past few months. At her 18 month checkup we found out she grew TWO inches since her last checkup at 15 months. Besides her size, she’s just becoming more and more a little girl and not a baby. I love this stage though; it’s so fun! She’s starting to talk a lot more and I feel like we can actually communicate with her and understand what she wants/needs.

Currently, she loves Minnie Mouse, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol, stickers, reading, scribbling, Gogurt (she might eat two or three of these at a time if I let her!), and applesauce. She’s a good eater and mostly eats whatever we are having for dinner. She still hates French fries, but she will eat sweet potato fries. She has quite the imagination and plays with her little farm or has tea parties or picnics with her “friends” (stuffed animals).

Besides a crazy amount of trips in August (DC to Atl to Austria to California to Atl to Omaha to Atl to Australia and then back all in the span of a month), DQ is doing well too. His job is going well and he only has a few short trips planned for the rest of the year, so that will make it less stressful for all of us. Penny doesn’t appreciate when he is gone for a long time; he is definitely the “cool” parent and she has a lot more fun when he is around, I think.

Our area did get hitΒ  by Irma. We didn’t lose power by some miracle, but a lot of people around us did and a house up the street from us had a tree fall on the roof. Besides a lot of debris in the yard (that Derrick painstakingly work to clean up), we didn’t have a lot of major damage. But I was watching trees across the street bending nearly in half from the force of the winds. So I’m very thankful we made it through relatively unscathed.

Now for the part where I overshare too many pictures of ol’ Pen because I’m a biased mom who thinks she’s the absolute cutest πŸ˜‰

Happy fall, y’all!



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