In the words of Peyton Manning

In the words of Peyton Manning


As in, we spent a week in Omaha with DQ. He was working during the days, but we at least got to see him in the mornings and evenings. We were lucky enough to pick one of the weeks where it was seven-thousand-and-three degrees every day (well, maybe more like mid to upper-90s, but half the week they were technically under an extreme heat advisory, so I’m only slightly exaggerating…). Despite the heat, we were able to check out a few of the sights Omaha has to offer.

When we came in on Sunday and strolled through the Old Market District (where we were staying) and wandered down for a (sweaty, hot) walk around the lake in the Heartland of America Park.

Monday, we drove to some outlet malls, where Penny slept while I did a little bit of shopping. We met Daddy at the office (the main headquarters of his company is here), where we took a tour of the place, played on the basketball court they have, and then went for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Besides the 40 minutes of napping she did in the car/at the outlet malls, it was another Day of the No-Nap and she was kind of a hot mess by that night.

IMG_4411 - Copy
Helping me shop


The face of a toddler who has refused sleep for too long

Tuesday was my favorite day; we went to the Omaha Zoo. It. Is. Awe-to-the-some, y’all. Like if you have kids (or just like zoos) and think you never have a reason to visit Omaha (you’re right, jk! jk!), seriously the zoo alone makes the trip worth it. The zoo is really well laid out and we started on the side where mostly it was all outside and then looped around to the animals where there was inside access (cat house, ape house, aquarium, etc) when it started getting sunnier and hotter. Penny was kind of exhausted so she was content to just stroll and occasionally get out to get closer, but I had fun because the animals were actually moving. You know how you normally go to the zoo and everything is just sitting in hidey holes in their habitat and they don’t do anything interesting? Not so during our visit. The giraffes and lemurs and monkeys and gorillas and elephants and a lot of the big cats (especially the tigers!) were really active. The zoo also just opened up a whole new section that is basically a ginormous playground/activity area and had we gotten to it earlier in the morning, I think Penny would have had fun there, but we passed on it this time.

I thought for sure after our grand adventure out to the zoo all morning, Penelope would surely take a nap in the afternoon. Oh how silly of me. No, child of mine babbled and laughed and played in her crib the entire afternoon until it was time to pick Daddy up again at work. We grabbed dinner with a coworker of Derrick’s, followed by some delicious ice cream. Penelope and I split 2 scoops of strawberry Nerd (yes, little bits of Nerds in my strawberry ice cream), although I feel like she had more of it than I did!


By Day 4 of Nap Strike, Mama decided we would take it easy because PenMonster was so cranky. So besides a trip to have lunch with Derrick, we took it easy at the hotel. AND! Penny took a NAP!!! It was glorious for all parties involved (I worked on lecture prep for my classes).

Thursday, we spent most of the morning at the Omaha Children’s Museum. Pen absolutely {heart-eye emojis} LOVED it. There was a dinosaur exhibit, where the dinosaurs move and rawr and all that and she just kept running up to them rawr-ing back, which was hilariously adorable. The other main part she liked was the Imagination Playground where they had different areas to explore (a barn, a fire-house, a bank, a hospital, a grocery store). We rode a carousel too, so all in all a pretty exciting day. She passed out almost immediately after getting back to the hotel once we had lunch, so she did a good job of tiring herself out.

Friday was a day to lay low, pack up and stay out of the 104 degree weather!

We came back on Saturday and it was nice to be home. Penny seemed especially happy to see all her toys and books and her room (although she protested a lot about having to go back to napping and sleeping alone in her room!)

Now just to soak in the last week of (my) summer as we gear up for a new routine once I start teaching. Feeling nervous about the new job and new daycare for P, but I’m trying to not think too much about it until it gets here!


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