Friday Takes: PJ edition

Friday Takes: PJ edition

As has been my habit (although not lately since I’ve been terrible at keeping up on the blog), it is time for my round-up list of five things I’m currently doing/loving/reading, etc. BUT since I’m boring and Pen loves everything, I’m rounding-up  a list of her current favorites at a little less than 1.5 years old.

  1. STICKERS! If I would hand her stickers to put on a page for an hour straight, I’m pretty sure she would sit and do it. We pretty much have sticker time once a day and there are normally tears/pouting involved when I tell her it’s time to put them away.IMG_4396
  2. Lift-the-flap books- She probably has about 5 or 6 of these now and she’s mostly learned not to pull on them or rip them. My favorite two that I recently got for her are this lift-the-flap Fairy Tales book (as seen in the picture) which I think has beautiful, colorful illustrations and plenty of flaps, and Where is Owl’s Scarf, which actually has a real story to follow and cute animals. In general though, she likes books and we sit and read piles of them at a time when she’s not too busy running around.IMG_4384
  3. Playing in water. Any water will do. The pool. The bathtub. The garden hose. Even a tub of water in the kitchen. Giving her a bath these days is like sitting too close to the tank at a dolphin show. She’s a really effective splasher 😉 But she has so much fun and she gives me her toothy grin that it’s hard to get too upset about getting splashed or water ending up all over the walls and mirror in the bathroom. IMG_4387
  4. Bubble Guppies. This show is her jam, y’all. Like she could be in the kitchen not paying any attention to the TV but if I turn an episode on and she hears the opening song she comes running! She gets so excited about them and especially if she has a bad wake-up from a nap, 5 minutes of Bubble Guppies puts everything right. So I found a bunch of wall stickers to decorate her basement playroom (and there are some in her room) and she loves to go talk to them. She also still very much loves Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse, and I’ve been putting Peppa Pig on lately too. She can say “Peppa” even though I don’t think it’s one of her favorites (but it’s one that I  don’t mind, so if we are having cartoon/TV time and it’s on that’s what we watch). IMG_4238
  5. Blanket forts and hiding. This silly child of mine takes wild delight in hiding under/in blankets or curtains and playing peek-a-boo with us. My favorite is when she runs to the sheer curtains in the study and I can clearly see her (I can be looking straight at her) but I’ll ask “where is Penny?” and she’ll fling off the curtain and grin and laugh at me like she was being so sneaky and clever. It’s entertaining for all parties. Yesterday, we made her her first blanket fort and that seemed to be pretty popular; she kept running in and popping back out and then she just started stock-piling toys in there.


Bonus! This is mommy’s favorite new thing:


Now that we finally have more space/a garage to store things and access to some really awesome (flat) parks/trails, we splurged on this jogging stroller so we could all go get outside together as a family. We took it out last weekend for the first time and I think Penny got a little bored, but we really liked it (for the price, it gets the job done even if it isn’t super fancy like some of those other strollers on the market) and it was nice to be able to run with Derrick again and not by myself.

It feels like every day my not-so-wee not-really-a-baby girl grows up a little more and becomes more independent, more her own little person with her own opinions (which is obviously what you want for your child). So I’m loving these days and we are having so much fun as she entertains us with all her antics!


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