The House: Part 2

The House: Part 2

While I was writing the blog post yesterday (which I actually started Saturday, but I’m easily distracted), I realized I never put up more pictures of the house. So even though there are still a lot of little projects to do, here’s most of the rest of the house.

Master Bedroom:


The guest bedroom:


The guest bath:


My study (I like the term “study” because it sounds better than the playroom/living room/office/library):


Penny’s nook in my study:


And besides the basement and Derrick’s office, that’s about it, I think! We have plans on how to use the basement space but haven’t done much with it yet, so later on once we do some of that, I’ll probably post some pictures.

I’m hoping to paint Penny’s room sometime this summer and I think we want to redo the flooring on the main floor (I daily sweep up bits of grout that are coming loose). We haven’t done a thing with the dining room and still have to decide/find what pictures/art/decorations we want to hang on many a wall in the house, but for the most part we’re quite settled. The house finally feels like our home sweet home. πŸ™‚



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