Feed the squirrels

Feed the squirrels

Tuppence a bag…

Or maybe more like $15 to buy two feeders that have been smashed to bits and bird seed that ended up scattered across the ground…Sigh…. So last time I mentioned I bought a bird feeder and finally after a few days, I started to really get a lot of activity at the feeder and it was a lot of fun. Last Sunday though, I had three squirrels chilling on the back deck, snuffling around for food and jumping on the side of the house to climb over to the feeder. I chased them off whenever I noticed them on the feeder, but I know they were stealing a lot of the birds’ food. Well on Monday, after running some errands in the morning, I came home and noticed the feeder wasn’t hanging up. Where I have the feeder, it’s actually a two-story drop because we have a walk-out basement so our main floor in the back is well above the ground. Needless to say, there was no saving the feeder after the damage from the fall.

I know we need a better solution, but because it had taken a couple days to really attract the birds the first time, I didn’t want them to stop ย coming to the house, so on Tuesday I went and got another $5 feeder, thinking it would maybe last another week (or more; I was going to be diligent at keeping squirrels away) and at least keep the birds coming until Derrick was home to help me do something different (he was on business travel this week). Well, less than 24 hours later after returning from Penny’s 15-month checkup, I found my second feeder in pieces on the ground below the window. I also happened to see a raccoon sniffling his way through my backyard that afternoon, so we’re not sure if it was the squirrels or the raccoon breaking the feeders.

Derrick thinks he knows how to fix it so I can keep my feeder up, so when he has time to deal with it, he’s going to try to put one back up. But for now, I’m bird-less, although the squirrels have still be playing on my deck, no doubt hoping for more food to magically appear.


In other news, I was lulled into a false sense of security with the roach problem. It had been a few weeks without any sight of a roach, but this past week I had two in my kitchen one night. My pest control guy came Friday for our monthly treatment and retreated inside again, so hopefully that does the trick. It does feel like we are close to having that under control.

Penny is her usual monster self, but her latest “trick” is that you can now ask her to laugh and she cackles maniacally on command. It seriously never gets old. Especially when she squishes up her faces and gets a toothy grin but she only has the three teeth so it’s so goofy looking. We have been learning more animals and foods and body parts too with one of her favorite books and she also will make rowing motions with her arms when you sing “Row row row your boat.” We had her 15-month checkup this week and we didn’t have to get any shots which was awesome, but pretty much from the time the doctor came in until he left she cried and screamed and acted like he was cutting her left arm off. I can only imagine how fun the next appointment will be when she actuallyย does get shots.

Post-checkup cookie at the mall (yes, Mommy had one too!)

Not too much else exciting happening lately besides lots of play time and running errands. I was just looking at my calendar though for the rest of the summer and it feels like it’s going to go fast and be busy and I’ll be sending Penny back to daycare when I start my new job in August. So I’m just trying to soak up all the easy summer days while they last.


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