Family Fun

Family Fun

One of my favorite things so far about moving back to Georgia is definitely the fact that we are so much closer to family.

At the beginning of May, my parents were able to come down for a visit. Penny had a lot of fun with them and they bought her a cute little shopping cart. My dad did some odds and ends projects around the house for me (Derrick was gone for 3 weeks right after we moved so he didn’t have much time to do anything in the house) that I’d been wanting to do. Mom and I made a trip to the most ginormous Hobby Lobby I’ve ever seen. One of the highlights for Penny, I’m sure, was our trip to get ice cream.

Derrick’s mom has been to the house numerous times already; she helped out with the move and helping watch Penny while I had job interviews and she did me the huge favor of mowing the lawn for me while Derrick was gone. She always brings fun things for Penny, the latest of which is this cute mirror that Penny loves to talk to:


Last weekend we made a drive down to Augusta to see the rest of Derrick’s family that we hadn’t seen yet since moving. Penny did pretty good in the car:


And we got to eat some good food, play with grandparents, and head to Derrick’s family reunion to see a whole lot of people there.

And then when we got home on Sunday, Daddy was home, so that was pretty awesome in Penny’s book. It was cute to watch how excited and playful she was with Derrick after he was gone for so long.

This week has been strangely busy. I’m not even sure where all the time went, but we have made a lot of progress in continuing to organize and decorate the house. I think this weekend we are planning to knock out several more projects as well.  I’ve also been doing a little consulting work for my old company and filling out paperwork for my new job that I’ll start in the fall as an assistant professor at UNG; I’ll be teaching general and/or organic chemistry classes and labs and I’m really looking forward to it. In the meantime,  I get to enjoy the rest of the summer with Penny and several more visits with family and friends!

Have a happy Friday Eve!



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