February Friday Five

February Friday Five

I have an addiction to alliteration and assonance. Is there an Alliteration and Assonance Anonymous meeting I can attend? (why yes, I do feel very clever for that comment, let me just toot my own horn for a quick minute 😉 )

Moving on…

Happy Fri-yay! Has this week been incredibly long and tiresome for anyone else? Work has been super stressful for me and I’m just really glad to hit the weekend for a little refresh.

Not too much here to report…the past few weeks have just been busy in the ordinary way. Work, chores, and Penny on repeat. But the routine isn’t all that bad.

  1. I’ve been making them for a few weeks now, but I’m totally a fan of overnight oats. I even bought some little mason jars that are the perfect size for the serving size I make. If you aren’t familiar with overnight oats, you basically just soak your oats in milk overnight with lots of tasty additions and eat it cold in the morning. My favorite version so far is to do vanilla, banana, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Perhaps the nutritional value of oats goes down when you add things like peanut butter and chocolate chips, but I feel like I get credit for having oats for breakfast anyway. I worked off this recipe initially and do 1/3 c oats and 1/3 c milk, for any of you interested in giving them a whirl. I made them in a bowl originally, but mason jars really do make it more exciting (and portable for mornings when I’m a little behind getting me and Pen out the door).
  2. I wanted to buy the first issue of the Magnolia Journal but never got around to doing it, but I decided to treat myself (thanks credit card cash back rewards!) to the new spring issue and I’m really excited to enjoy page after page of Magnolia/Joanna Gaines/Fixer Upper-related goodness.
  3. Not that I’m really actually in the market for spending money on home decor and kitchen things, but I can’t help myself and I do a lot of online window shopping and I’m eyeing this clean/dirty tea towel and these sweet French canisters from Magnolia Market. I’m also currently having a love affair with all things rose gold and would love this throw pillow for the family room. Maybe with the approach of spring I’m just feeling the need to clean and update. What are your favorite home splurges?
  4. We took PJ to Toys R Us this past weekend because her birthday is coming up and we thought we’d see what kinds of things caught her attention (spoiler alert: anything with Mickey Mouse was a big hit, but we did manage to interest her in some other things too).We got her some Mega Blocks which are good primarily for building towers for her to Godzilla-destroy but we also got her this little tiger xylophone/piano and she is quite the Mozart already, let me tell you (because she already got it even though it was a birthday present because Derrick wanted to give it to her). I also found a little Captain America toy because you are never too young to love Marvel (consequently, we had chicken shawarma this weekend and all I could thing about was when the Avengers all go for shawarma after saving New York/the world).
  5. Got some new reading material besides Harry Potter (I’ve been rereading for only the second time ever and have made it about halfway through PoA so far); I love that Amazon Prime gives you a “Kindle First” book every month. This month I chose a book called In Farleigh Field. It’s a WWII novel with spies and intrigue and general British goodness, I think. One review wrote that it was like binge-watching a great British Drama on Masterpiece Theater. And y’all know how I do love my Masterpiece Theater shows. So. I have big expectations for the book.

All right, this post was full of words and links and no pictures, so here’s a few pics of the Pen Monster.

Happy Weekend!


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