Fall Favorites and Fun

Fall Favorites and Fun

It’s been a very low-key weekend for us full of football and naps and early bedtimes (even for this mama!) so I feel wonderfully relaxed and rested.

Since I’ve got a little extra time and energy, here are some highlights of the last two weeks:

My Stitch Fix. I love Stitch Fix! I got an amazing box of clothes and I kept it all because it was so great. Pieces included this olive green blazer and ivory blouse (and great olive pants but they clash a little with the jacket) which is feeling like the perfect combo to wear for another date night with the hubby. With a cute plaid dress and a grey and black sweater to finish off my box, my closet is feeling happy.


The completion of my very own Harry Potter collection:


I picked up the first two in New Zealand a few years ago but wanted to get the rest of the books with the same cover/artwork but it was hard to find. So my wonderful dad (well my mom too, but my dad is the king of questing!) hunted down the rest of the books for me while they were on holiday in Canada. It’s been a long time since I’ve read them, so in my copious amounts of free time (haha), I think I’ll start the series again.

Bakes! Last weekend I made this country apple fritter bread and it was everything I wanted it to be: full of cinnamon and apples and fall. Today I made these caramel apple cupcakes and they’re quite scrumptious. If you’re craving a tasty apple-filled bite of fall, I recommend either of these two recipes.

My adorable nephew and niece (aka my sister) sent this cute towel and potholder for me. Because it is fall, y’all, and I love love love these adorable forest creatures:


Penny turned 7 months old since the last time I posted and school picture day happened to be on her 7 month birthday, so naturally we got fancy for that:


And as far as Penny things go, we just ordered a baby gate for the apartment (cat box is in an easily accessible place) because someone decided to learn to crawl. Well, a belly flop/army crawl/sometimes a few paces on hands and knees combo. But the bottom line: she’s mobile! It’s awesome but also Lazy Mom is bummed because she obviously requires more keeping up with now. But it’s the beginning of yet another fun phase as we watch our tiny human grow 🙂

This evening we took her to the park and put her in a swing for the first time. She smiled and laughed a little and did not cry at all, so I think she liked it. We sat her in the grass too and she was a wee bit skeptical about grass. She tolerated it, but she didn’t look too happy about it.img_1954

I wish I could just spend all day playing with her at the park, but, alas, it is back to the daily grind tomorrow.

Have a good week! xo



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