6 months

6 months

Well it’s been a bit of a busy few weeks for us, which is by no means a complaint. We’ve been enjoying this new phase with Penny and how much more she interacts and plays with everything.

Penny turned 6 months old two weeks ago. We did our own photos this time because Derrick is good with a camera and we wanted the flexibility of doing it on our own schedule. Here’s just a few of the many faces and poses of Ol’ Pen:


As you can see, she was clearly excited about her Clemson dress and headband. Are we awesome parents for teaching Penny to love Clemson already? Probably 😉

Last weekend, we took Penny up to the Highland Games in Pleasanton. It was a lot of fun and we got to meet some hielan’ coos (highland cows) just like the one on Penny’s bib:


We had a beer at 10:30 in the morning, and used the cupholder on Penny’s stroller for it because we’re good parents like that. There was music and dancing and men in kilts throwing stuff and it was all around awesome. Plus, I bought a kilt onesie for Penny (of course I’ll show it to you when she wears it!), so it was quite the adventure.

Watching kilted men throw heavy things

For those of you curious about what Penny is doing these days as a 6.5 month old…She is sitting up and playing on her own now, which makes it a little easier to keep her entertained with toys. She’s borderline crawling and once she figures out how to move her arms and not just her legs, she’ll be a little moving monster. She loves carrots and sweet potatoes and any kind of fruit. Her latest favorite is banana blackberry blueberry puree (Gerber, this one is a good combo, but I’m not going to lie, some of your blends seem questionable to me). Since she’s very busy all day rolling about, she is currently going to bed between 7 and 730 and most of the time sleeps until at least 5:30. At her 6 month checkup, she weighed about 16.5 lbs and has made it into the 50th percentile for weight (as you might have noticed she’s got a cute amount of chunk now). She babbles a lot, especially to her stuffed animals. I guess she likes to tell them all about her exciting adventures. She’s generally a pretty happy baby 🙂

Of course, I’ve been up to more baking and I can’t recommend enough this lovely chocolate, hazelnut and salt cookie from a former GBBO contestant, Flora Shedden (who was definitely one of my favorites!). I really like her suggestions for modifying the recipe as well and may just have to try something like a white chocolate almond variation. I’m excited about coming into apple season because I’ve got a lot of apple recipes I’ve been wanting to try. Apple/spice/cinnamon bakes belong in fall, so now we’re close enough to the season to start thinking about them.

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have a tea party to attend. Have a great week, y’all!



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