4 months

4 months

I can’t believe last week I was taking 4-month old pictures with Penny and her tiger. It really does feel like a second ago we were taking her for her 3-month pictures at JC Penney. I also can’t believe how fast she has changed in the past few weeks, even since my parents were here for a visit.

We had our 4-month checkup and more shots today. My wee one is now 12.5 lbs (12th percentile) and 24 inches long (22nd percentile). She may be a runt, but her the doctor is happy with her growth chart so we seem to be doing just fine. Shots went well again; as soon as she got the oral vaccination again everything was all better. I’m glad so far she seems to think medicine is a tasty treat, although I have a feeling that may not last.

Last week, Derrick got back from yet another trip, although this trip was less than a week, so it didn’t seem too bad. He brought her a new toy, Eddy the Fox, who is a character in some South Korean kiddie cartoon. She loves Eddy and spends a good bit of her time “talking” to him. In general, she has a lot more to say these days and apparently is also starting to work on her singing voice. It’s pretty adorable to listen to and it is definitely more enjoyable to whining/crying.


Penny enjoyed her first 4th of July. We spent some time (in the shade!) by the pool and we watched baseball (don’t judge me. yes, I let her have “screen time” aka letting her watch sports on the TV when she’s playing on the floor and she loves it). Derrick and I felt extra festive eating our bbq pulled pork (this recipe is amazing and so so easy), sweet potato fries, corn on the cob, and watermelon.



We had our first “incident” at daycare this week where they put another kid too close to PJ so that when he rolled over, he was able to claw her face and leave three nice big scratches on her head. I went into full mama bear mode and was pretty annoyed by it, especially because my daycare people didn’t seem very apologetic that they hadn’t been paying enough attention to them to prevent it. <sigh> I sometimes really hate daycare, but I just have to keep reminding myself that we are making the best decisions and choices that we can for our family.

And finally, since I feel the need to share all the weird animal stories I can possibly find, here’s a story about underwear-stealing birds, which just adds to my distrust of all things avian.

Hope everyone is having a good week and watch out for pilfering birds!


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