One week of daycare down, a bazillion more to go

One week of daycare down, a bazillion more to go

This week has been long and I’m happy to say we’ve reached the weekend. Last week we had the joy of having my parents out for a visit. They got to spend almost a full week with Penny and it was quite lovely having extra pairs of hands around the house to help us, besides it being a lot of fun to have so much time with them.


Of course, as always, their time here never feels long enough and before I knew it, they were heading home. Derrick has also been out of the country for the past ten days or so, so when my parents left, the house felt especially empty with just me and PJ.

But we had a nice, relaxing weekend and it gave me time to prepare for this week…

So we’ve made it through the first week of PJ going to daycare. In some ways it was more challenging than I thought and in other ways it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

If you’d like the rundown of it, here it is, and if you couldn’t care less about how we are doing with daycare, just skip ahead a paragraph…The center she goes to uses an app that sends me notifications when she gets fed, has a diaper change, goes down for a nap, etc. And they also can send pictures they take, which is actually kind of nice when I get a random pic of my cutie hanging out at daycare. I thought the app would be stupid and I wouldn’t care to use it, but I actually really like it because it does make me feel like I know what’s going on and that she’s keeping to some kind of routine (although for 3 days I had to message them–oh yeah, you can send messages to them through the app as well–to put her down for a morning nap at 9. Finally today I didn’t have to tell them to do it). Most of the ladies in the infant room that I’ve met are really nice and friendly, which obviously makes it easier to leave her. We have both had to do some adjusting obviously since it is a different routine than what either of us is used to; it has meant earlier mornings and less time to get us both ready to get out the door on time among other things. Thankfully, my employer is very supportive of me and so at least one thing I don’t have to stress about in the mornings if things go a little sideways. But this week, we got out the door and to daycare on time without incident and teachers have told me that she’s a joy and a perfect baby and she’s so adorable etc. And every mama loves to hear other people sing your kids’ praises, of course. Bonus points for those teachers 😉 If I’m being completely honest, in my heart of hearts, I hate that I have to work and she has to go to daycare, but I’m working on simply accepting that we are making the best choices for our family and that means me working full time which means daycare for her(although daycare is only part time as for a bit of time I am getting to work part of my day from the house).

Other than the start of daycare, we’ve had a pretty low key week. Penny is busy doing Penny things like chewing on toys, rolling over, and learning to make velociraptor noises. Derrick makes it home tomorrow in time for his first Father’s Day, so that will be fun to get to celebrate that with him on Sunday.

I discovered that it’s probably a good thing my parenting style does not match my gardening style…remember how I was all excited because I managed to grow things in my little $5 potted garden that I started? Well. I might be kind of bad at remembering to water the plants. And they might have started to shrivel up and die. Although I thought they were gone, but I watered them anyway and the next day they perked back up a little. But as I sit here typing this, I’m pretty sure it’s been two days again since I watered them….Because apparently it’s taxing on me to get a cup of water and walk an extra 10 steps to my balcony to keep my plants alive. If we were making bets on how long my garden will last, I’d probably put my money on the end of the month…but I’ll let you know if I manage to actually keep them through the season.

Okay, last order of business for this post….can we just talk about Poldark for a second? I binge watched it last weekend and I can’t get over how much I loved it! It’s free on Amazon Prime. I never knew I could care so much about mining in Cornwall at the end of the 18th century. I was not familiar with Poldark at all until recently, but there’s a series of 12 books and the was a show back in the 1970s I think it was. So this is a new updated version on Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. How does the story begin? Guy goes to America to fight in the Revolutionary War because he was maybe kind of in trouble with the law. Guy leaves behind a girl that makes him promise to come back to her. Guy survives war in America (albeit with a big ol’ scar on his face) and comes back to find girl engaged to his cousin… And off we go on a Cornish soap opera-esque adventure! I’m now reading the first book (because I was looking for new reading material anyway) and am excited to find out what happens in the story. Also, I need someone else to watch it so we can talk about the story, the characters, the bad feelings I have about what’s going to go down in season 2 and how I think I might start hating some of the characters I like, etc. Even Penny thinks it’s great fun to watch (and no, I did not really have Penny watch the show with me, but I was watching it when nap time ended so it was still up on my computer when she got up)IMG_0943

And here’s a weekend dose of other Penny-related cuteness, because, despite my promises to myself to not share a bazillion pictures of Penny all over the internet, I can’t help myself (although this barely scratches the surface of the amount of pictures I have of her)…




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