Pocket Possums

Pocket Possums

If you were expecting an exciting post about possum adventures, I’m sorry to say that you’ll be disappointed. But I really do need to talk about this for a minute:


If you go read the story about the possum here , you’ll discover that this sugar glider possum apparently ran up a woman’s back and then settled in her pocket. And stayed there for 40 minutes. WHAT?! I’m sorry, I don’t care how cute this little thing is, I’m not calmly hanging out with it in my cardigan pocket for 40 minutes waiting for the SPCA to show up and help out. Also, they describe the possum as “feisty” which to me sounds like code word for little demon with sharp teeth and claws. Regardless, WHY didn’t the woman take her cardigan off? I think I would set a Guinness World record for fastest cardigan removal if I had a rodent in my pocket. Anyway, apparently these are the kinds of things I have to be worried about these days.

Also, yes, right below the pocket possum story in my Twitter feed is a story about a man eating his shirt. I do not consider myself to be that queasy about things, but honestly, watching this guy literally eat pieces of a shirt made me feel ill. So be prepared if you decide to find the video to watch. But seriously, World, what the heck is wrong with you?

Okay, enough of bizarre-o stories and on to real life.

Derrick is home!!!! After being gone for THREE WEEKS. Thank goodness. We are all in a happier mood with him around. And we got presents:

This is for Penny, obviously. It yodels and squeaks and is pretty adorable. And she doesn’t cry when you play it for her so I figure that means she likes it.
Because my husband loves me and wants me to be happy. Mama may enjoy a wee dram some evenings after the little one is in bed….

So I got whisky as a wedding anniversary present and I got Derrick this painting from this artist on etsy and I love it because it’s so colorful:


So cheers to three years!

While we’re talking about things I love (whisky and Derrick), I need to tell you about Artisan Sugars. It’s a company that makes flavored sugar and sugar shapes. My sister and I ordered some sugars for my mom for Mother’s Day to add to her coffee-drinking experience. There was a bit of a mix-up with the order, but I contacted them about it and they responded so quickly and not only did the founder of the company write me an apology, but they sent a second, correct order, refunded my money, and sent my sister and me treats as an apology gift. So I think they’re pretty awesome and their products are so cute (and tasty!). Their sugars would be perfect for entertaining so if you’re looking for something unique, I recommend them!

My “sorry we messed up” gift

My return to work hasn’t been too bad. I felt pretty disoriented and strange being back in the office and lab, but now that I’ve been back two weeks, it already kind of feels like the normal routine again. It’s been a much smoother transition than I was expecting it to be, so I’m very thankful for that.

Alright, I’ve made it this far without really talking about Penny, but you had to know it was coming….Penny is 3 months old! She’s so grown up! But seriously, I was looking at her newborn pics and it really is crazy that not too long ago she was a wee snuggly bundle and now she loves to kick and roll and play. She’s really good at sitting up without too much support and she has discovered her hands and how to use them to grab things. Her concentration as she stares at a toy while she brings her hands to it to grab it is pretty impressive. So we are having a lot of fun watching her discover the world.

And finally, in case you needed a little more cuteness for your weekend…make way for ducklings!!! We have a few mama ducks with their babies swimming around our apartment complex these days and the ducklings are pretty adorable.

Happy weekend, y’all!


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