Life with the Littlest Penny

Life with the Littlest Penny

Another two weeks under the ol’ parenting belt! If I was super savvy with wordpress or was posting from my iPad I would have inserted a bunch of party horns for myself just now.

Minus some colic (which is still not as bad as it could be, I think; also I will swear by gripe water because it definitely helps out when she’s really upset), things are going well.

Two weekends ago, Penelope became a child of God at her baptism, which obviously is totally awesome.


Also awesome was that my parents were able to get out here for the weekend of her baptism. Having them here was so nice. They treated us to some baby-free time where we both could get out of the house together and we left PJ in the grandparents’ capable hands. We made several outings with her while they were here and now it seems pretty easy to get her ready, load her up, and go out.

One evening when my parents were in town, we put Penny on her tummy because we were trying to make her feel better. Mostly she just screamed, but she also managed to roll over and my mom happened to have her phone out to take a picture and instead we actually got a video of her rolling over. It’s the first video we’ve taken of her (because mostly sleeping and crying aren’t that exciting to record) but it was really exciting to me (isn’t it funny the things you get excited about when it comes to your baby?)

Here’s all the other exciting things we’ve done lately: gone shopping for clothes at Babies R Us (because you are never too young to get excited about clothes and hair accessories!), made a Target run, watched baseball with Daddy on our first Opening Day, and we went and watched Daddy play in his softball game last Friday. You can tell we’ve really been partying it up over here.

Some of my favourite things this week?

My new running shoes. Derrick got them for me for Christmas and I saved them until now because I’m finally starting to run again and it feels so good after so many months of just a lot of walking.


These sweet bears that a past coworker of Derrick sent. The small one is actually a rattle. They’re from a company called blabla, which I had never heard of but now I want everyone to know about them and their adorable handmade Peruvian toys.


This amazing and beautiful baby quilt that my friend from college, who is a quilt-making goddess, sent for Penny, who obviously loves it already.


These books that I bought for her this weekend. I’ve got to start her on the classics early, right?


And this mouse hat, which she wears almost exclusively now when we go out. I happen to think she’s the cutest little mouse, but I might be biased…




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