Two Weeks, a Baby, and an Appendectomy Later

Two Weeks, a Baby, and an Appendectomy Later

Well. We certainly like to keep it interesting over here.

So Penny was born on February 27 after I got induced the day before. I went in for my 38 week OB appointment on Friday. My blood pressure was, again, high, so when the doctor came in to talk to me, she said “You know what I think we should do? Let’s go have a baby today.” Basically, since I had just had all the testing the week before for preeclampsia, she didn’t really think I had that, nor did she necessarily believe my blood pressure was really that high consistently. But rather than have me go have more testing and doing more monitoring, since I was at 38.5 weeks, she felt everyone would be safer and healthier if I just had the baby.

So I got about 3 hours after leaving the doctor’s office to go home,regroup, and gather up stuff to take to the hospital. Derrick was about 75 minutes away because he had to go meet with some customers that day. He got stuck in bad traffic trying to get back, so I ended up having to drive over to the hospital by myself because they called and told me if I didn’t make it in by 2:30 pm, they couldn’t guarantee I would be admitted because there were supposed to be five inductions that afternoon.

I got myself there and got admitted. Derrick made it about an hour later, which was fine because they didn’t give me any drugs to start the induction until around 4 or 430 pm. Long story short, by 6 am I started pushing and at 9:16 am, we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. Which was basically one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced. She stole our hearts pretty quickly ❤

Can I just complain about something though for a minute? Okay, great. So my L&D nurses were really fantastic. I ended up having 4 different nurses because of all the shift changes and they were all so nice and helpful. My nurse who was with me overnight and through half of my pushing even came by my room the next day to say hi and see Penny. But I couldn’t stand my nurses in the mother-baby unit. They were SO bossy and pushy and rude! I had one or two that were okay, but some of them were so awful. No, I do not want you to just come in, strip my baby naked and demand I do skin-to-skin time whenever you decide I should. No,  I do not want to keep track of all the feedings and time spent feeding on your little chart. If my baby is fussing in the nursery so that I can get some sleep overnight, I do not want you to tell me that if she is gets fussy again that you are bringing her back to me in an hour. Let’s just say that by the time Monday morning rolled around and we were being discharged, Derrick and I were both very happy to be leaving the hospital.

Our first night home was, as expected, pretty rough. But we survived it and by the second night, we all did better. So Penny turned two weeks old on Saturday. We had a two week checkup on Thursday and everything looks good and she’s gaining weight so we apparently kind of know what we’re doing with this whole parenting thing.

On Saturday night after dinner, my stomach started hurting. I thought maybe it was just really bad indigestion or side effect of stopping to take the hydrocodone I had been taking for my back/shoulder (which I think  I hurt during delivery). But it got to the point where I couldn’t really even stand up straight because it hurt so bad. Derrick kept trying to get me to go to the ER, but we checked my temperature and I didn’t have a fever, so I kept telling him that the sharp stabbing pain on the right lower side of my abdomen was fine and that I didn’t want us to drag Penny to the ER for them to tell me it was indigestion. But around 1 am, I woke up crying in pain and that was it for Derrick. He demanded I get dressed and help him get Penny’s stuff together and we were off to the ER.

After a lot of waiting around, some blood work, some ultrasounds, and a CT scan later (around 7:30 am), the ER doctor came to tell me that I had appendicitis and that he was getting in touch with his surgeon to schedule an appendectomy for me. So yesterday around 10:30, I was taken to the OR for the procedure. By 5 pm, I was heading home with Derrick and Penny, with no restrictions on my diet or activity and directions to take Advil for my pain.

So today, my stomach is definitely tender and sore, but I’m so thankful that Derrick made us go to the ER and we caught my appendicitis before it got worse. I’m feeling very blessed to have an amazing husband who took such good care of Penny and me both yesterday. And I’m just so happy to be healthy and at home and able to take care of this little peanut (although I wouldn’t mind it if life got very normal and routine for a good long while!):





One thought on “Two Weeks, a Baby, and an Appendectomy Later

  1. Wow. Wow. I am stunned. As I was reading this I stopped and gasped and suddenly filled Scott in on all the details. I am SO grateful you are OK. Thank God your husband made you go to the hospital. I will be praying that all stays calm and that you have a speedy recovery from both giving birth and having your appendix taken out. Hands down for having the most unique first-time-parents-story ever.

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