T-minus 5 weeks

T-minus 5 weeks

Well, technically it’s 5 weeks plus a couple days, according to the doctor-due-date-voodoo. But close enough.
So, some of you already know all this from Facebook or because you were there/participated, but basically my friends and family threw me a surprise baby shower! I thought I was having a “virtual baby shower” (yes that’s actually a real thing, just ask the Googles) that was going to start last Sunday. My sister kept talking about it and how I would get a link about it the day it started etc. Instead, DQ tricked me into going to “pick up a package” from the leasing office at our apartment complex on our way to dinner with some friends. But when we went in, we were told the package was oversize and we needed to go upstairs (please keep in mind that I was not suspicious at all about any of this). So we went up to the second level where the complex’s clubhouse/event room is and I was still looking for a package when it dawned on me that it was really odd that it would be upstairs. Then I saw the darkened room and a table loaded up with presents. SO it was a huge surprise right until about 10 seconds before I walked in to see a lot of friends and even some family from back east who had flown in to celebrate the Wee Q with us!
The shower was so much fun and I felt very blessed to have such loving family and friends who went to great lengths to make the evening special. So thank you everyone 🙂
Here’s a few pictures from the shower (for the non-Facebook friends crowd), including the food spread which, of course, included Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, and the gorgeous cake that one of our friends made for us!
We got a ton of presents (thanks for spoiling us everyone!), which means that I almost have everything done now in the nursery. DQ has to help me put a few things together and hang up some decorations, but I am feeling pretty calm now about having the room finished. I did have to let all the stuff sit in the nursery over the weekend because family stayed and visited through Monday morning, but I didn’t mind because it was so wonderful to have family in town to visit! We went adventuring along the coast both Saturday and Sunday, hitting up Half Moon Bay, which was a mess because of all the rain, and driving down to Carmel/Big Sur.
Speaking of nursery decorations, I have to show off this painting that DQ’s super talented and artistic cousin did for Wee Q. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
In other news, I have now tried out grown-up coloring books. And they are as awesome as I hoped they would be. I actually got two more coloring books at my shower in addition to the one I had found the night before at Target. So, you know, I’ve been doing important things lately, like coloring this:
Finally, I realized this week how bad my pregnancy waddle must be getting…my FitBit thinks I do upwards of 20 or 30 flights of stairs a day. I maybe walk up the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment in the evening and that is it. So it must be the way I’m walking tricks the FitBit into thinking it’s stairs. No, FitBit, I’m just a big ol’ waddling pregnant lady, but thanks for the free stairs.
I can’t believe tomorrow is February already! DQ will be home tonight from his last business trip until April, which I’m super happy about. We start childbirth classes this week, so I suppose I will have to start actually thinking about the whole labor/delivery thing. I’m sure February will end up being a whirlwind month as we finish preparing for baby and also enjoy our last month of being a family of two.
Happy early Groundhog Day! I hope Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow on Tuesday and that spring gets here quickly 🙂

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