Fwinter is coming

Fwinter is coming

No, that is not a typo. Fwinter is what I call our weather out here. It can’t really decide what season it is and we don’t really have real winter weather so fall+winter=fwinter.


So that’s what it looks like around here these days. Bonus picture at the end of one of the pairs of ducks that lives at our apartment complex. I know I hate birds, but for some reason, I really like these two ducks and I get worried if I walk by the fountains on my way to our gym and they aren’t there. I have issues, probably, but that’s okay.

I think this might be the first year of our 3 years of married Thanksgivings where we did not have to eat turkey for a week after Thanksgiving. We cooked a healthy 14 lb turkey and ended up having 4 friends over to share in our feast, so we only had to eat turkey leftovers through that weekend. Not that I mind leftovers, but turkey gets old fast. Also this year, apparently Wee Q isn’t a fan of the spicy turkey or the mac ‘n’ cheese or something we feasted on because I had wicked heartburn the whole weekend, so it was another reason I was happy to eat up the leftovers quickly.

I did make these salted caramel and chocolate pecan pie bars for dessert on Thanksgiving Day. I highly recommend them. They’re kind of like pecan pie on crack, but honestly not so sweet that you can’t handle a nice healthy-sized bar. The recipe isn’t too complicated and you can feel really accomplished making your own caramel sauce (well, I felt accomplished at least).

We went to see the last Hunger Games movie last weekend. I could have done without seeing it because I’m not a fan of the third book really, but DQ needed to see how the story ended so we went. He and I have very similar feelings about how it ends (as in, we are not fans of it). After the movie we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the end of the crazy, snowy Broncos/Patriots game. It was fun having a little date night even if we didn’t love the movie. I’m really trying to savor the things we can do without worrying about a baby, finding a babysitter, etc. The clock is ticking!

In other news:

I escaped jury duty! I’m very thankful for this. I got summons to a federal district court where I had to be on call for two weeks (although one week was Thanksgiving week so courts were closed two days at least). Every night I had to check my report status I kept praying that I wouldn’t have to go in and finally, Wednesday night, I got the message that I no longer needed to check-in and my service wasn’t needed. HOORAY! Hopefully that gets me out of the system for a good long while.

I survived my glucose tolerance test on Friday. Thankfully, it looks like my numbers came back fine and I should be done with the glucose/gestational diabetes thing, which is great because I don’t know if I could handle having to do further testing/drinking that disgusting stuff that probably should just go straight into hummingbird feeders (side note: why do I always get the grumpy nurse who sucks at drawing blood? It hurt a lot more than normal and they take blood 3 times so it was 3 times as fun as normal. You literally have one job, lady. And I have extra blood right now so I know my veins can’t be hard to find. Ugh). BUT it’s over at least.

I have these pretty Jamberry wraps on right now that I am in love with:


Yesterday I made this white chocolate macadamia nut cake and it’s pretty good. The cake has a good flavor and it is topped with a white chocolate icing which is verrrry delicious. Mine looks like this:

Tonight, I tried a recipe for pesto ranch Crockpot chicken thighs. Four ingredients. Crockpot. Almost zero prep time. DQ and I liked it and it got added to my list of recipes to make again (I have a feeling a meal that involves minimal ingredients and minimum attention will be a good recipe to have on hand when I’ve got an infant!).

Finally, can we just all bask in the glory of an undefeated #1 Clemson football team who is heading to the playoffs? Yes? Okay, great! We had a stressful game, but a Tiger victory always helps make for a great weekend.

Happy December and a blessed Advent to all!


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