Buffaloes don’t wear pink polka dots

Buffaloes don’t wear pink polka dots


This is actually my self-portrait….let me explain…

Okay, being pregnant is hard. I mean, sometimes it’s not, but man oh man it really gets to you physically and mentally. So when I really started showing back around 19 or 20 weeks (she kind of just wasn’t there and then suddenly was really there), and was getting on the scale, seeing numbers I’ve never seen before, it started to get in my head. But I tried to just reassure myself that obviously I have to gain weight and she needs to grow etc etc. But then I went in for my 20 week appointment and I had to see my OB’s PA instead of my OB. And she spent most of my appointment making me feel really bad because I had a “pretty big” weight gain from my last visit and told me we needed to discuss my diet and exercise and then grilled me about what kind of exercise I was doing and whether I was craving a lot of sugar and simple starches and if my diet had changed etc etc. So then I was basically in tears in the parking lot on the phone with my mom because of how horrible and fat the PA made me feel. And of course my mom and sister both reassured me I was fine and that I should ignore the PA. I tried. But I just had a week, and a day in particular where I felt really large so I told my mom I felt like a buffalo. She suggested buying shoes to make myself feel better (which is a very wise suggestion because shoes solve problems, seriously). I did actually buy myself slippers and some new earrings but told her that I still felt like a buffalo. To which she responded: That’s silly, buffaloes don’t wear slippers or earrings! Which is just one of the many reasons my mom totally rocks because I really did feel a lot better after that. When I sent her a picture of myself where I was wearing a sweater with pink polka dots she told me I looked good and that buffaloes also don’t wear pink polka dots. After that, I made DQ hide the scale, I stopped looking at my weight and have been a lot less stressed about it since. It helps that my appointment last week was a positive visit; I saw my actual OB, she told me I was totally on track for weight gain when I asked (because she didn’t even bring it up) and generally made me feel like I was a good mom and am doing the right things for me and Wee Q. And I took my sister’s advice and got on the scale backwards at the doctor’s office even and told them not to tell me the number. I recommend this for everyone else who does not absolutely love watching the number on a scale go up up up.

SO here we are at a little past 25 weeks and only a few more weeks before I hit the dreaded third trimester (is it dreaded? it sounds like physically it gets a lot less comfortable from here on out, so I’m not particularly looking forward to it except for the fact that I’ll just be that much closer to meeting her). Derrick is finally done traveling for the year it looks like, which is a huge relief (in case you are wondering, over the past 56 days, Derrick has been gone for 34 of them. Which has been really tough on him and really tough on me and all around yucky. I’m feeling very thankful (since it’s Thanksgiving Eve) that his travel in Europe was done a few weeks ago and I’m feeling very thankful that I now get to enjoy the holiday season with him home since it’s our last one with just the two of us! (Although I did make out pretty good from his travels between September-November as you can see below)


This past weekend, the Highland dance school where I took lessons before getting pregnant was putting on their annual “extravaganza” show. I felt like it would be nice to support the school since it is a fundraiser for them and also because I do love a good Scottish pipe band and some Highland dancing (I think Wee Q likes bagpipes too because she was moving around a lot when they were playing!). They do a raffle as part of the fundraiser and Derrick bought some tickets and put his tickets in for several different items that were available. It was his lucky night, because he won two prizes! This sweet backpack


and this bottle of scotch whisky


….This mama knows how she’s celebrating being able to drink again when the time comes! 😉

Tomorrow we’re having some friends over for Thanksgiving, so we’re cooking a turkey for our third year in a row. Derrick’s pretty much a pro at it now so I know it’ll turn out great. I wait patiently every year for Thanksgiving because I only will make homemade Chex Mix between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. So last night I prepared ahead (since we are entertaining company and should have a snack/appetizer around before the meal) and made my first batch of the season. I love love love the smell of Chex mix baking in the oven (almost as much as I love eating fresh out of the oven, slightly warm Chex mix).

Tonight, I am trying a new recipe I found online for salted caramel and chocolate pecan pie bars to serve for dessert tomorrow. I’ll report back on how they turn out and link to the recipe if it’s a good one to try!

As always, every year (and every day really) I have so much to be thankful for because God has so abundantly blessed our lives. Especially tonight, I’m looking forward to a few extra days off from work and time to spend with Derrick and friends and for the great weekend of rivalry football games and just time to rest and relax.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


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