Thursday Three

Thursday Three

So normally (well awhile ago when I was much more diligent about keeping up on the blog) I like to post Friday faves or a Friday Five; my little list of things I’m loving, good things about the week, etc. Today is a special version of Friday Five, hence the Thursday Three because……

Our little family is growing to three! In March, we will be welcoming a Wee Q into our family! 🙂

I’m a little over 17 weeks, so we are cruising right along these days. Although, for the first three months it didn’t really feel like we were cruising; it felt more like my child hated me and wanted me to suffer as much as possible. Morning sickness is a jerk. And then I had a stomach bug right after I finally started feeling like eating again, so that was a little rough. Anyway, the blog has been pretty quiet lately because we’ve been busy, Derrick was traveling a lot, I had to move, and I was struggling through the first trimester yuck.

BUT here we are, in the second trimester, and I’m feeling good. I want to eat like a normal person again and I have energy to do more than stumble through the day and wait until I can go to bed again. I’m not going to lie though, I really was skeptical when my sister told me it would get better and I would feel good again around 16 weeks. But she was right, for which I am very thankful.

Anyway, pretty soon, we will hopefully find out whether Wee Q is a little boy or a little girl. I’m just praying for healthy, but it will be nice to know so I can start thinking about the nursery/baby gear.

Besides feeling super blessed and super excited about this little one, things for us have settled down a little bit. We’ve been in the new apartment a few weeks and while we still have some messes to clean up, we have ordered some storage/furniture pieces that will help get everything else in order. So still no pictures of the new place, but eventually I’ll give a pictorial grand tour after it’s cleaned up a bit. Derrick had a long trip in Europe a few weeks ago. He was in Poland and Prague and brought back goodies (chocolate) and took a lot beautiful pictures, which I’ll have to share at some point as well.

So besides being extremely happy and blessed because of the little one on the way, here are three things I’m loving this week:

  1. Book you should read: The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks. It’s kind of an autobiography but it’s also a really fascinating look into the shepherding life up in the Lake District in England (for you Beatrix Potter fans, she played a large role in conserving this area). I learned a lot about all the work that goes into taking care of sheep but also it was really interesting to read about a way of life that probably seems old and out-dated but it still thriving in that area.
  2. College football is back! AND Clemson is the ESPN’s GameDay Game so it’s a big Saturday coming up for the Tigers. Derrick and I have a date with the television so we can watch the game and hopefully a Tiger win over Notre Dame.
  3. Finally, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about fall. I am especially loving that it is apple season again because I have been eating Honeycrisp apples like it’s nobody’s business (yes maybe you can sometimes buy them other times of the year, but apples taste the best this time of year). So welcome, Fall. Stick around for awhile, won’t you?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you! Happy October! Keep us, especially Wee Q, in your prayers.


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