Playing Catch-up

Playing Catch-up

Well well well, look who crawled out from under a rock to finally get back on the blog….

In my defense, July was rough for us…

1. We had to put our kitty to sleep after all. And that’s all I have to say about that.

2. We are moving!!! to another apartment….

We were trying to buy a condo so that we could get some tax relief and also just have a space to call our own. We looked at a lot of properties for 2 months. We finally found a condo that we could “afford” (with a little stretch; but let’s be honest, nothing out here is actually reasonably affordable) and were a week away from signing all the paperwork and long story short we decided to/had to walk away from it because of appraisal/loan issues. Totally lame and totally disappointing when you are all geared up to own your own space, BUT the new apartment we found is going to be nice. More space, nicer complex, and will be a good place to be for a few more years while we either wait for the housing market to collapse out here so we can get something affordable or until financially it isn’t the burden it would have been this time. It’s definitely a seller’s market out here so it’s pretty tough to make anything happen unless you are Scrooge McDuck swimming in a giant vault filled with gold coins.

Derrick has some more travel adventures for work coming up this fall, so that will keep things interesting with our move squeezed in there somewhere.

In lighter, happier news, we made it to August and you know what that means? Football season is almost here!!! Hooray! I’m excited to cheer for my Clemson Tigers. I’m over summer and ready for fall (because summer isn’t exciting when you’re a grown up because you still have to work and be responsible and stuff) and sweater and boots season (it has seemed extra warm this summer out here) and lazy weekends full of football. 🙂

I know you’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting for stories of moving adventures and pictures of our new place!


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