Those dulcet sounds in break of day

Those dulcet sounds in break of day

-Merchant of Venice, III,ii,51

And by dulcet sounds I mean puking cat noises and by break of day I mean, literally, at break of day, at 5:00 AM waaaay before my alarm went off. Come on, Friday, let’s get it together…

Let’s start off by acknowledging that Derrick and I just hit our 2-year anniversary of living in California (well, last weekend, but I’m a bad blogger). Last year at this time, I was having mold remediation in my bathroom which was an epic fail (relive the drama with me here!). This year, instead of mold, we are just facing a 15% increase in our rent for the next year. Nothing like a bit of rental extortion to kick off the month.

BUT! I am thankful that we do NOT have mold drama this year and that I didn’t have workmen stomping around, drinking our soda and using all our Kleenexes. And I’m thankful that there are other options in this area besides our current apartment complex. Do I smell a move in our future?…probably…at least this time I won’t be having to take two cats on an airplane.

Last week, after my sister-in-law’s wedding, I flew back home to then turn around and fly to the annual conference our company attends. It was in Salt Lake City. I didn’t really do any sightseeing like I did last year in San Antonio (because there are a lot of homeless people in SLC and I didn’t really feel all too comfortable traipsing about by myself), but here’s a few hastily snapped photos while I was out and about…

Pretty view of the mountains
Pretty view of the mountains
Some old train depot
Some old train depot
Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz
Olympic Torch
Olympic Torch

At the same time I was in Utah, Derrick was in Tennessee for a workshop thing. He came home last weekend and then left Monday for South Korea (please nobody mention MERS because, believe me, I’ve already done a good fair bit of worrying). He comes back tomorrow (YAY!), hopefully healthy and well (but later than he was supposed to since stupid airline can’t get its life together and be on time). Since we’ve been like two ships passing in the night lately, I’m excited for him to come home; so excited that I may even actually make the bed before he gets back tomorrow (because, no, I haven’t bothered with it while he’s been gone).

AND your wrap-up of the best of the best news stories from the BBC over the past few weeks:
Because I know y’all have been waiting for me to enlighten you with some more weasel-family knowledge (or Mustelids if we’re being fancy):
Stoat “danger”
Pine Martens.

I’m not swayed by this article about how aggressive or not robins are. Because birds will peck your eyes out. Just saying…

And also, this seems pretty cool if you’re a nerd like me…A 15 hour online performance of The Odyessey. I think it sounds…epic…

That’s all folks! Happy weekend!


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