Sweeter in the South

Sweeter in the South

2015-06-04 17.12.24
Tea towel I got on vacation because I’m touristy like that

So Derrick and I headed to Georgia a few weeks ago (the weekend before our anniversary on May 25) for a little vacation, a little family time, and a wedding (Did I mention that Derrick got upgraded to first class on our flight to Atlanta so he let me sit up there because I’ve never gotten to fly first class? It was fun and I felt fancy). Time to catch up!!

Savannah was fantastic! We stayed at a place called The Gastonian, which was pretty close to Forsyth Park. I highly recommend it for anyone heading to Savannah. It’s a bed and breakfast, so we had breakfast freshly prepared every morning (and you got to choose between four or five things for your main dish plus two side items), but also there was an afternoon snack/wine time and then there was dessert with coffee and cordials in the evening. Plus our room and everyone there were all nice.

Mostly we just spent our time wandering around and admiring all the beautiful historic squares and buildings and strolling along River Street, doing a little shopping. I needed a vacation from work, and Savannah hit the spot.

From the porch of The Gastonian
From the porch of The Gastonian
Our fancy room, complete with chandelier
Our fancy room, complete with chandelier


Forsyth Park fountain
Forsyth Park fountain
I liked these guys
I liked these guys
2015-05-24 14.34.13
Beautiful Spanish moss
2015-05-24 15.06.45
Statue of Ogelthorpe. Thanks for founding Georgia!
2015-05-24 19.23.18
Went walking through an old cemetery along the way to our B&B (not Bonaventure, which is still on my Savannah to-do list, along with a horse-drawn carriage ride).
2015-05-25 11.12.35
Inside the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, originally built in the 1870s
2015-05-26 10.35.29
Savannah’s City Hall

Of course, no post about our adventures would be complete without me detailing the culinary experience. In Savannah, I had shrimp and grits with bacon and cheese (delicious! and my first time eating shrimp and grits) at a place called Vic’s on the River (recommended to us by several people and I also recommend). On our anniversary, we went to a place Garibaldi’s which was really pretty and the food was good. We had tasty ice cream from Leopold’s, where the line was always out the door and down the street. (I also got my Zaxby’s fix on our way driving down to Savannah) And we hit up River Street Sweets, my favourite candy shop, for free, still-warm praline samples and other amazing treats.


After our little Savannah getaway, we headed back to stay with family for a few days before my sister-in-law’s wedding. We got a chance to visit with a handful of friends and family before heading to Madison, Georgia for the wedding. 

Derrick and I were both in the wedding, so we spent last Friday and Saturday doing all the usual wedding-related things; rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, getting ready, pics, ceremony, etc. The wedding was lovely and I think everyone had a great time celebrating with my sister- and new brother-in-law.

As usual, my time in the South came to an end much quicker than I would have liked and by early Sunday morning, I was standing in the security line at the Atlanta airport. But I’m still thankful we were able to take some vacation, celebrate our 2-year anniversary, see family, and be a part of my SIL’s special day! Until next time, Georgia…



2 thoughts on “Sweeter in the South

  1. The Gastonian is where my mom got married! I am glad you loved your trip down south! I am so thankful y’all squeezed me into your trip!

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