odds and ends

odds and ends

Well things have been pretty ho-hum around here, which really isn’t a complaint because normal work weeks and lazy weekends with DQ are pretty nice 🙂 But it doesn’t make for riveting blog material (not that most of my material could be classified as “riveting”).

BUT I’ve been collecting odds and ends that I mean to put into a post and I feel the need to finally share these things with y’all, so enjoy (or don’t) and eventually there will be more exciting things to talk about besides roosters with bus passes and newly discovered rodents…

Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist (name that movie!)I’m not sure about cat-sized rodents, but I really didn’t know that James Bond was not just a fictional, womanizing spy but also an American ornithologist (though why anyone would willingly choose to study birds is beyond my ken).

I know I seem to warn of impending doom when various species of animals might take over the world, but, might I point out that this rooster getting a bus pass is how it starts…

Apparently according to VisitScotland.com on Twitter, May is Whisky Month. You can take a quiz that tells you what kind of whisky you are. Apparently my whisky soul-mate is The Macallan 15. Being a Scotch connoisseur (not at all) this obviously makes sense for me…Okay well, at least the description of why this was my whisky seemed to fit: “Let’s face it, you’re complicated…” Truth.

In the category of “Brynna is waaaay behind the times,” can I just say that I freaking LOVE OpenTable? I had to make a few restaurant reservations this week and making phone calls is not my favourite thing, especially when I’m at work and have cubicle walls that really don’t offer any privacy (not that reservations are super private, but I feel like I have to whisper when I’m on the phone). BUT I was able to make reservations with OpenTable for both places. No fuss, no phone calls, just reservations with email confirmation right away so you know you’re good to go. One of my new favourite things.

And now for some entertaining videos:

This video of knights fighting in Poland in the Medieval Combat World Championships. Thanks to Derrick for this one (he was disappointed when this didn’t make it into the last blog post but I promised him I would include it in the next, because it is pretty funny).

And, if you’ve ever seen Fight Club, this video of the Jane Austen Fight Club is hilarious.

Well, as a business associate of Derrick’s likes to say, cheers and beers!

Barry Todd Lincoln wants YOU to have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!



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