April Fires Bring May…Not Fires?

April Fires Bring May…Not Fires?

Okay, so yesterday there was a fire in my lab. Not a big one, but one that did require the use of a fire extinguisher. The short story is this: I was doing a test on a gas mask cartridge and the reaction of the gas on the carbon was pretty exothermic (HOT, for my non-science people out there). The temperature kept climbing and I wanted to stop the test but my boss just stood there watching the temp climb (maybe he wanted to just see how hot it could get before we had a big mess on our hands? I don’t know. Scientists do like to play with fire…) And then it just got too hot so there was melting plastic and really hot activated carbon and then there was a lot of billowing smoke. We managed to get it under control and started putting some nitrogen flow through the cartridge (since oxygen and hot/fire are a bad combo). We did that for maybe 10 minutes and then we thought it would be okay to switch back to air. We did that and my boss left the lab. A few minutes later, the cartridge was spewing nasty yellow fumes and then it burst into flames. While I hurried to stop, literally, adding fuel to the fire and disconnected the air flow, a coworker (who thankfully was in the lab next to mine and saw what was happening) grabbed the fire extinguisher and we put out the fire. It was definitely an adrenaline rush. I’m very thankful that it wasn’t any worse and that my coworker was quick to get the fire extinguisher. And it was in a hood, so the fumes went straight out and we didn’t set off the fire alarm or anything. Thank you, Jesus, for watching over me yesterday.

This was about the extent of the damage…


I would be okay if we never had a repeat incident of that. On the bright side, since we already partially used the halon fire extinguisher and they’ll have to have it recharged, we got to have a little training today at work where everyone got to practice using it, so that was a fun Friday work diversion.

Killer Bird Attack Watch of 2015 update…My eyes have not been pecked out. yet. My loving husband and a friend of ours came up with the idea that maybe I should wear safety glasses when I go down the stairs. Which of course would be silly, but wearing sunglasses is totally reasonable, right? So I may be keeping my sunglasses handy for trips to and from the car most of the time. Only like 3 more weeks of this to endure…

BUT! Lest you think it’s all killer birds and fires around here, there are lots of lovely and wonderful things happening too.

So here are my Friday Five (aka things that make the week suck a little less)

1. I made Funfetti cupcakes (because I’m apparently 26 going on 5)! Complete with sprinkles, because what is the point of Funfetti cupcakes without them?


2. On Monday, the best man from our wedding (and obviously a good friend!) was in town for business so we got to meet up with him for a delicious dinner at Dishdash (I had shish kebab…yummm). It’s always great too faces from back home.

3. After work today, I am picking up my second Stitch Fix from the post office! It’s my birthday treat to myself! I’m excited about it and will probably show off any fabulous pieces that I get in this Fix on the blog.

4. We made it to May and May is going to be a fun/busy/exciting month that includes birthdays, a new niece, holiday/anniversary trip, and a wedding!

5. And, as usual, animal stories: like some beaver controversy in Scotland, some pretty awesome pics of all the whales and dolphins and such in Monterey Bay, which is really making me want to go down and do some whale watching, and this dog driving a car (which is kind of old news, but I still think it’s funny and I would have included it earlier, but I had bird-drama).

Happy May Day, y’all!


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