Maroon 5

Maroon 5

Since I’ve had at least one request for a blog post on this topic (thanks, Ariel, if you’re reading this) I shall tell you about the Maroon 5 concert we went to on Tuesday (Okay, I’ll be honest, I would subject you to this even without any encouragement). 

What can I really say, though? I could get a thesaurus and find all the synonyms possible for entertaining, fantastic, and fun, but I’ll spare you. It really was just awesome. Maroon 5 has been around for quite some time, but they definitely hit on all the fan favorites and some of their newer stuff as well. I love that they were as good live as I had hoped they would be. They’re great artists and the concert was soooo good.

And also, I’m not going to lie, seeing Adam Levine in person was pretty rad. Just saying. He may have also removed his shirt for the last two songs of the night (because you can’t sing Moves Like Jagger with a shirt on, obviously), and so maybe that was kind of cool. Kind of…

So, as advertised, here’s a bunch of pictures of wee people that I promise are Maroon 5 (thanks to Derrick for letting me use his phone to take pictures because mine were coming out blurrier; I’m sure he appreciates the extensive photo collection on his phone of mostly shots of Adam). 



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