Travel Adventures

Travel Adventures

First things first, Happy St. Patrick’s Day (belatedly). I was planning to post yesterday, but I was busy getting my Irish on with some shepherd’s pie and Guinness.

So last week I went to Ohio for work but was fortunate enough to squeeze in a 3-day weekend trip to see my family. I stayed with my sister and brother-in-law and my 2.5 year old nephew. Who is pretty much awesome. So Auntie B had a pretty good time hanging out with him. He tells thee best version of “The Three Little Pigs” that I have ever heard. It’s hard to describe, but I’m serious, after maybe 20 times of hearing it, it was still hilarious. Mom and Dad also made a visit for the day on Saturday so it really felt like a “special treat” (as my nephew would say) to be able to see everyone.

The work part of the trip went well too, but there really isn’t anything exciting or important to tell about it.

One of my least favourite things about traveling alone is having to eat alone. I feel like a weird creepy loner eating in restaurants by myself. I’m not saying you are a weird creepy loner if you do (Derrick will eat at restaurants by himself) but I just feel awkward and like I can’t get out of there fast enough. So you know what I tried? Curbside pickup from Outback Steakhouse. Total win. I ordered steak online, drove over, sat in my car and waited for my food to be delivered. I only had to interact with one person and then I went back to my hotel room and enjoyed my steak in peace. It’s the agoraphobic’s dream. Same goes for Olive Garden’s take away service…order online, schedule a pickup time, run in, get food, get out. Perfect. I highly recommend if you’re ever traveling on your own.

The best part of the work trip was reveling in the chance to just read read read to my little heart’s content in the evening at the hotel without having to clean the house, wash dishes or take care of any chore.

Ohio decided to be somewhat kind to me and the weather stayed mostly in the 30s and 40s after I got there (it was 18 degrees when I landed, I think). No snow and just a little rain to deal with, so nothing too awful.

Can I complain about trying to get back to California? I know this is going to seem quite terrible because no one in the course of history ever has had a crappy airport story. Ever… (skip to the next paragraph if you don’t care to join the pity party I’m throwing myself over the whole ordeal)…

So right as I’m returning my rental car to the airport, I get a notification that my flight has been delayed an hour. That wasn’t great, but it still would have left me with an hour and 20 minutes in ATL for my layover. No big deal, except it meant sitting in the airport for 4 hours, which is lame. Then, an hour later, my flight got delayed ANOTHER hour, cutting my layover time down to about 50 minutes. Which still seems like it might be okay, but this is the ATL airport we are talking about and it is massive and can take awhile for planes to taxi in and all that good stuff. So, naturally, like the good worrier I am, I panicked about it and continued to freak out as I stood in line to see if there was any other option for me. I had to settle for a backup flight to San Francisco (instead of San Jose) that landed at 12:30 am, just in case I did miss my flight. Waiting waiting waiting, and then after 5 hours in a dull, small airport, we finally boarded. We touched down in ATL at 6:38, but it was about 6:50 by the time I got off the plane. In Terminal C, at the very far end. I had to get to Terminal T (which is 3 terminals away from C). So I was that person kind of half jogging through the crowds to try to get to my gate. I showed up right as they were calling my zone to board, so I made it with plenty of time to spare, but it was much more stressful than I would have liked it to be. And of course I did not have time to snag dinner, so I decided I’d get something on the plane and then we had such bad turbulence that it took halfway through the flight to get drink service at which point I just stopped being hungry, so Derrick drove me to Taco Bell at 1030 at night when I got home (Looking back, it doesn’t sound like such a good idea, but it was delicious and I didn’t suffer with terrible heartburn at 3 am or anything like that, so it all worked out). To top it off, we had an equipment change and I got reassigned from my nice window exit row seat to an NOT exit row MIDDLE seat, between two larger men, of course so I felt very confined in my little middle seat. I’m pretty annoyed with Delta for that one (although Derrick called after and complained and I got some bonus SkyMiles, so that was nice). But really, I was just so happy to make it home.

Now the more interesting stuff…Pictures from Derrick’s travels. I don’t really have any stories to tell about the pictures (thank goodness, right?), so here are just so pretty pictures from Derrick’s time in Belgium and Munster, Germany, and Amsterdam.

IMG_6700 IMG_6730 IMG_6802 IMG_6899 IMG_6947 IMG_6997 IMG_7294 IMG_7298 IMG_7328


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