Auf Deutsch, Bitte

Auf Deutsch, Bitte

Okay I’m trying to get caught up here since I’ve gotten behind on the ol’ blog, so let’s start with DQs return to the States. 

As I had hoped (and maybe also reminded multiple times throughout his trip), Derrick brought me presents (read: a lot of chocolate) from his recent trip to Belgium/Germany.

The strawberry Milka? Oh heavenly! The Oreo Milka bar? Yes please! Eat all of it right this minute? Okay!

He also was brave enough to bring some cheese home, which apparently makes customs a bear of a process. So far I’ve only tried the red pesto cheese but it is pretty tasty.

Here’s some fancy bottles filled with some kind of alcohol. We’re neither of us sure exactly what kind of alcohol but one was a gift and the other Derrick just thought looked cool. I’ll report back if it’s anything exciting. 

And magnets because he’s cute and likes to bring me magnets since I’ve collected them for, literally, decades. 

AND I know it was disappointing that my latest post did not include Tim Tams, but never fear, for today I have more Tim Tam news to report! Derrick’s coworker brought us some more Tim Tams from his recent trip Down Under. Oh buddy, those chocolate raspberry ones…I could eat 5 or 6 of those at a time. They’re sooooo good. 

So that’s really the important part of his trip, obviously. And also maybe I have yet to actually see his pictures because right after he got home, I left for a trip to Ohio (stay tuned for my next post to hear about that; I’m sitting in my hotel room trying to do this post on my iPad for the first time ever!). So maybe I’ll throw in some nice scenic photos from his adventures next time. 

Also, regrettably, I missed observing a very important holiday yesterday… So happy belated International Bagpipe Day! Because who doesn’t love those sweet sounds that coming from inflating a bag of animal skin? Okay, but seriously, bagpipes are awesome! 🙂


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