Night of the Full Moon

Night of the Full Moon

Has anyone else been having a crazy day? I know it is mostly an old wives’ tale or superstition or whatever you want to call it, that people act more strangely around the time of the full moon, but I kind of think there’s some truth to it. When I used to work in retail, it really did seem like we would have a higher rate of odd/crazy/ridiculous customers when the moon was full. It probably was just my mind tying a bunch of occurrences together that I might not necessarily associate, but whatever.Today has been a strange and busy day for my tiny company ever since the whole Lumber Liquidators formaldehyde fiasco happened (if you watch the video and see the guy setting up monitors to test for formaldehyde, he’s using our monitors. We’re so fancy).

Additionally, I’ve been finding some very ridiculous news stories this week, which I feel compelled to share because mostly I can’t believe most of these are actual news articles.

Let’s start with my favourite article about the majestic “beefalo” and the havoc they are wreaking. I didn’t even know the beefalo was a thing, let alone an inconvenient problem. Additionally, I like that the title of the article is “How do you solve a problem like the ‘Beefalo’?” because it reminds me “How do you solve a problem like Maria” from Sound of Music but singing that while substituting Beefalo for Maria makes me giggle (Why, yes, I am too easily amused).

This picture. I have no other words. If you are one of those people who find it annoying to click on links in a blog post, please, do yourself a favor and at least take a look at this. It involves a weasel and a woodpecker. That should be enough to pique your interest.

In the category of “Things only those wacky Brits would do,” I present you this article about “fairy control” in a woods in Somerset, England.

And in the category of “Ridiculous Lawsuits,” I give you this article about Hall and Oates suing over a oat cereal name.

Finally, Reason No. 339 why I love Scotland…These punny shop names (I’ll admit, I didn’t get a few of them, but there are plenty to get a chuckle from even if you aren’t up to speed on Scottish geography).

Hope everyone’s March is off to a roaring start (get it, “roaring”, as in March comes “in like a lion”? I know, hilarious, right?)!


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