No Love Lost Between February and Me

No Love Lost Between February and Me

2015-02-22 10.18.38
How I wish I could spend my days…lazing and napping in the sun

In a moment of unusual grammatical self-doubt I had to ask the internets to verify that “me” was the correct pronoun to follow a preposition (I hope my middle school English teacher is proud; I do not have to go to Grammar Jail).

We made it to March! I’m not going to lie, February felt very taxing and challenging in so many ways. Mostly the little things, the annoying general things of life that are inevitable (which I’ve already kind of griped about so we won’t rehash them), but when they pile on all in one month, with a husband an ocean away, it starts to be rather wearisome. Let me demonstrate…

First, this story involves cat puke, so if you’re eating or get queasy about throw-up or just don’t want to hear this entertaining tale of vomit, just skip the rest of this paragraph……So Monday I woke up at 4 am with a puking cat on my bed. Not just on my bed, next to me. I was within about a 1 ft radius of said puke. I woke up as it was happening (have you heard a cat throw up? It’s noisy) and in my bleary-eyed state did not react fast enough to get him off the bed. So I was stripping the sheets, starting the washer, and muttering as I tried to clean up the carpet and throw pillow that also was in the line of fire (because at some point he decided to puke over the side of the bed too). Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it feels like Derrick is never around to deal with the worst of these gross cat problems. Lucky him.

BUT, good-bye February and hello March. If you would like to be a little less frustrating than February, that would be okay 🙂

Obviously, it’s not all bad, and there is still so much to be thankful for and enjoy.

Here’s my list of 5 for the week:

1. Pirohy-making

Channeling my Slovak roots, I tackled the time-consuming process of making pirohy from scratch (yes, I know this is not a uniquely Slovak food; I’m looking at you, most of Eastern Europe, but I was using my grandmother’s recipe so these pirohy were legit Slovak).Here’s some things I learned:

-Apparently my definition of “4 medium-sized potatoes” differs from my grandmother’s because I had over twice as much filling as I needed for the pirohy. I honestly thought about just making another batch of potato pirohy, but by the time I finished one batch, I was pretty tired of pinching dough together. I still had a batch of cheese pirohy to make so a third batch just wasn’t happening. Oh well, at least potatoes are cheap.

-I totally rocked at pinching my dough together! I didn’t have even one bust open when I cooked them. But after listening to my grandmother tell me about her first time making them for my grandpa (also Slovak, loved pirohy) and how most of them boiled apart and how upset she was, I may have been a little overzealous in my pinching.

Ready to boil, hoping none would boil apart!
Ready to boil, hoping none would boil apart!
Out of the water
Out of the water
After frying in butter
After frying in butter, yum!

2. Entertaining news stories…For all of you who were living your life distressed about the bad rap rats get for being the main culprit in spreading the bubonic plague across Europe, you can breathe a little easier now. Because apparently, it wasn’t rats, it was giant gerbils who killed millions of people (Doesn’t the Giant Gerbil sound like it could be some cheap, cheesy horror film from the 60s/70s?). Also, this is maybe more disturbing to me than entertaining, but it caught my attention because it’s another ridiculous story about birds. This girl apparently has made friends with some local crows who bring her odd assortments of buttons and glass and rotting crab claws, you know, the usual kinds of gifts anyone could want. Sorry, but I do not want to make friends with the crows. Unless they’re bringing me $100 bills or something like that, in which case maybe I could get over my fear of birds just a little bit…

3. Safelite (does anybody else sing “Safelite repair, Safelite replace” in his/her head every time they hear Safelite?). I’m super grateful for Safelite because I had to fix that crack in the windshield from last week. I scheduled an appointment online with a 4-hour time window of when they would show up. I got an email the morning of the scheduled service with a pic of my tech and a little confirmation note.Then my tech called me to tell me he’d be there (at my work, I didn’t even have to go out of my way to take it somewhere) between 9:30 and 10:30. He got here around 9:45 and he was done and on his way by 10:15. It cost $50. That’s it. Easy-peasy. I’m like a walking advertisement for them now because of how easy they made it to get the crack fixed. AND it’s got a lifetime guarantee so if it gets bigger or something happens, they have to come fix it. Seriously, I recommend using them if you need a windshield fix, because I don’t think it could be any less complicated.

4. Library trips. I’ve had reading material at the house for a while, so I don’t even remember the last time I went to the library. But last weekend I went to the library again and I just love books. And libraries. It makes me feel so happy being surrounded by books. And speaking of libraries, I have a new library after which to model mine (reminder this is my dream library a la Beauty and the Beast, but I’m open to something smaller until I’m independently wealthy, obviously). This is the library at Derrick’s hotel in Germany. Look, it has a ladder and everything (any self-respecting library has one of those big ladders, preferably with wheels so you can roll along the shelves)!


5. Derrick comes back TODAY!! He’s been traipsing around Europe for the past two weeks (well, maybe more like working and attending a conference and he was only in Belgium, Germany, and Amsterdam) and I am so excited to have him back home again with no planned long business trips in the immediate future. Although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to get some presents in the form of delicious chocolate…I may as well benefit from his traveling, right?

Happy March y’all!


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