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First, some pictures from Pebble Beach last weekend (taking a few “illegal” photos…honestly they don’t care so much as long as your not super obvious about it and you aren’t trying to snap a picture of the celebs).
We had a great time, not to mention much better weather, this year at Pebble Beach. We spent most of the day following Jordan Speith, Jake Owen, Dustin Johnson, and Wayne Gretzky. They were a pretty popular group so by the afternoon, it was a lot harder to get a good view of things as people crowded around. I also made Derrick wait at one of the holes for Bill Murray; just felt necessary to see Bill Murray on the golf course. And his son goes to Clemson so bonus points for him! He was funny and crowd-pleasing, as I expected.

I had President’s Day off, and who doesn’t love a 3-day weekend? I made the most of that extra day by sitting around the apartment binge-watching season 2 of Elementary. It’s probably a good thing they don’t give me more 3-day weekends since I’m apparently not responsible enough to utilize my time in more constructive ways (although in my defense, I did go to the gym and did a bunch of cleaning/housework on Sunday so that I could relax on Monday). And I actually managed to finish the entire season in less than a week, sooo now it’s on to more of the BBC’sĀ Sherlock.Ā I have found that you cannot, in fact, have too much Sherlock.

This week’s fun involved a chipped windshield in DQ’s car while I was driving it. I, of course, panicked and stressed (and maybe almost cried too…) because in my self-absorbed state-of-mind, it was just one more crummy thing to add to my already-too-long list of grievances against February. But even though this is annoying and will cost money and stressed me out, it also reminded me, again, how blessed I am to have my husband (not that I don’t know that, but you know some days you just feel a lot more appreciative). He was so calm (from thousands of miles away via email, thanks second business trip in the span of 2 months) about it and after reading his email I instantly felt a million times better about the whole ordeal (although him being here in person would have been preferable) and I am just so very thankful for my husband who rolls with these kinds of annoyances in life so easily to balance out my crazy.

Did you watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this week? No? You want me to recap the most important parts of the show? Okay, if you insist…

I don’t think I could show dogs because apparently you have to wear hideous shoes. Minus a handful, most women were wearing some pretty ugly shoes. I know you have to jog/run with them, but it’s not that great a distance and you could totally do it in cuter shoes. There are a lot of cut ballet flats out there, I’m just saying.

I now have a comprehensive list of all the dogs that I would like (Apparently we’re going to need to move to a farm somewhere with lots of space and sheep to herd so that all my dogs have space to play and things to do): an Irish wolfhound (my mom pointed out that one of these would probably take up half my apartment because they’re giant), Scottish deerhound (didn’t know this was a thing until this week), Italian greyhound, maybe a Schipperke, definitely a border collie, a Belgian sheepdog, and an Icelandic sheepdog, a Swedish vallhund (because I just feel like having a Viking dog is necessary), and maybe I would also please like a French bulldog (those ears!!), a long-haired Dachshund, an Australian terrier and/or a border terrier, and a Glen of Imaal terrier. Let’s add a pit bull and Australian shepherd (maybe a mini one because they’re so fluffy!) I’ll probably be lucky if I ever have one or maybe even two of the above dogs, but even if I don’t have them, googling pictures of puppies is super fun and will make you feel happy…try it, you know you want to šŸ™‚

I actually think it would have been pretty entertaining if Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir were commentators for the show. Because then I wouldn’t be the only person being judgey about those ladies’ shoes!

I don’t understand why poodles ever win anything (We hates them, precious). And that Portugese Water Dog that the announcers were in love with? Yuck. Not a fan. Talk about a bad hair cut. It looked too much like a poodle and I just can’t support that. Of the final dogs competing for best of show, I was hoping either the Skye terrier or the beagle would win. The poodle, water dog, and Shih Tzu were definitely not my favorites. The spaniel was okay, but I don’t like spaniels in general (I have no rational reason for that, they’re just not a group I find that cute). And the old English sheepdog was funny and giant and fluffy so that would have been okay too. But the beagle won and the Skye terrier was reserve best in show. So take that you ugly poodle and ugly Portugese water dog!

So that’s my quick round-up of the WKC show, which I’m sure you are super glad to have read because I know you were dying to hear my thoughts.

In other news, the Starbucks baristas are reviving an old nickname from my middle school days:


This is the second time probably in a month that my name has been written/spelled this way. Do I not pronounce my name right or something? Once is weird, twice from two different baristas makes me question my ability to tell people my name…

Other things that were good about the week:

Sorry I'm not sorry that you are constantly hearing about Tim Tams on my blog.
Tim Tams on sale?? Sorry I’m not sorry that you are constantly hearing about Tim Tams on my blog.

Having an excuse to wear pearls and J. Crew shirts to work (Because when you work in a lab it’s hard to rationalize wearing fancy clothes and pearls)


And cute cats that are good companions, even if I would also like a bunch of dogs

Oooh sunny spot on the floor!
Stop taking my picture!
Stop taking my picture!
Hey let me see that camera...
Hey what is this?…

I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of things about living in California that I really don’t like. But right now, the rest of the country is suffering with nasty cold temperatures and snow, so this week I’m also thankful for sunny 70-degree weather. Anyone want to book a stay at Casa de Qs? šŸ™‚


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