(which means “hello” in Japanese)

So Derrick has been back from Japan for a week now and he brought me presents (HOORAY!!) which I’ll show off because it’s mostly so cute and/or delicious!:
The full display of the Japanese goods:


I love these chopsticks and the little kitty cat chopstick rests. I want to make more meals that require chopsticks just for an excuse to use them (can we also note that some of the chopsticks kind of look like wands? So now I can feel like Hermione Granger while enjoying sushi).



Even if the chocolates in here were gross (they aren’t, they’re actually incredible), this tin is so beautiful. I just held the box and ooohed and ahhhed over it for a good full minute before opening it. The inside was much like the outside though:


Some more cat stuff (have I mentioned I’m a crazy cat lady?). I love these little tab markers. I think I’ll have to save at least one of each just because they’re so cute.

This lives on my desk at work now. It’s powered by light so all day long they bob their heads back and forth. Ridiculous that a 26-year old grown woman decorates her desk with kitties and magical ponies? Maybe, but I don’t care. I like it.


Weird Kit Kat flavors including Wasabi, Cheescake, and Green Tea. Those are pretty much Derrick’s treats because I’ll stick to regular chocolate Kit Kats, thank you very much.


And REAL Tim Tams!! (Side note: I’m not saying the Tim Tams you can now get at your local Target aren’t good, but I just mean that these Tim Tams (imported from Australia to Japan) have the essence of koalas and kangaroos about them, which make them better, obviously. Honestly though, we did a side-by-side taste test of the American-packaged Chewy Caramel with the imported from Australia ones and, while I like to think I’m a biscuit connoisseur, I can’t taste much of a difference. I was skeptical at first though because the picture on the packaging looks pretty different on the American Tim Tams compared to the Oz package. I know, I know, y’all were super concerned about the taste of the Tim Tams and now your mind is at ease. You’re welcome)


And he got me this, which is pretty comfortable and I may or may not walk around the house in it on a regular basis. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to Japanese culture and I don’t think Derrick saw anyone walking around in this more (what I consider) traditional dress, but if it was socially normal to wear these in public, I totally would. Pants are sooo 2014, people, let’s get with the program.


Okay, so here are a sampling of pictures from Derrick’s trip:

Around Tokyo:

Grilling their own squid for dinner
A view of Shinjuku

10408563_10100290668834815_1701515816747846735_n 10941821_10100296710182905_4535484725272157083_n

A garden in Shinjuku:

10461997_10100296709768735_733687186423229928_n 10847633_10100296709718835_5864257210993016094_o 10014583_10100296709653965_7923598892501370295_n 10858620_10100296709294685_561242649193328288_n

Mt. Fuji:

10934061_10100290529918205_8421270208737635328_n 1395899_10100290529788465_7655155785687966048_n 10838174_10100296709828615_1447884473664315630_o

Owakudani (hot springs/sulfurous fumes/active volcanic zone)

10940424_10100296709289695_8137413352866374242_n 10394082_10100290529818405_9095430700531383013_n

And a PIRATE SHIP on a lake!!

10353556_10100296710008255_8786549215509760315_n 1512413_10100296710043185_767729829814207104_n 10847614_10100296710053165_6301378544424933157_o 10943892_10100290529843355_4639939386885840127_n

I’m pretty jealous of the pirate ship ride.

Derrick had a great time in Japan and he is super keen on taking me there sometime. He loved the food (even if a lot of the time he ordered food by just pointing at pictures, not really sure of what he was ordering!) and he thought people there were very friendly. He got to experience using the train system at Shinjuku Station, which is apparently the world’s busiest transport hub (it’s a Guinness world record according to Wikipedia). And, as you can see, he got to go see Mt. Fuji and some of the surrounding area. Oh yeah, and I guess the business-side of things went well too.

Since Derrick’s presents and Derrick presence (See what I did there? Homophones are fun!) count as two of my happy things of the week, I’ll start the list with #3…

3. These really important news stories that you may have missed this week, which include chimpanzeesgrumpy Ewok cats, and this owl, who justifies my apprehension about birds.

4. Jimmie Johnson the Scientist (and also Gap Model, apparently). In related news, NASCAR returns in 2 weeks, for which I’m sure y’all are waiting with bated breath…

5. Free Stuff! I used some of my rewards points on my credit card to buy these cute ballet flats from Target (which I plan on pairing with my super cute new dress from StitchFix) so it feels like they were free because rewards points don’t really count right? And this month at Chick-Fil-A they are giving away free coffee! I think it’s just to get people to try it because you might not think of getting coffee at Chick-Fil-A, which is a good marketing scheme because I had a delicious iced coffee and I’d totally get one again. Oh AND I filled out a survey after our visit to Chick-Fil-A today and I got a offer code that I can redeem for a free Original Chicken Sandwich! Major score 🙂


Also, check out my Valentine’s Day themed Jamberry wraps:


And now we’re enjoying a nice, relaxing weekend of doing not much of anything!


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