He’s plotting a way to journey home at last

He’s plotting a way to journey home at last

That’s a line from Homer’s Odyssey (Book 1, l. 237, according to the internets). And while it isn’t like Derrick has been gone for 20 years warring and hanging out with Calypso, it sure feels like it’s been a long time since he’s been home…

Maybe you’ve noticed that lately there hasn’t been much mention of Derrick. And that I have been unusually busy with crafts and baking and other random things. Well, that’s because Derrick has been in JAPAN for the past two weeks for work (And if I don’t talk about it too much I can kind of pretend that it isn’t so bad for him to be gone so long).

Living the bachelorette lifestyle is fun for about 4.8 seconds and then I’m over it. Well, maybe it’s kind of a treat to have one whole Saturday to myself to do things around the house and work on crafty things. But after the first Saturday, I’m basically ready for Derrick to be back home. Mostly because the bedroom looks messy all the time because I don’t believe in making the bed; you’re just going to mess it all up again that night, so what’s the point (ask my Mom, I’ve felt this way for years and I still can’t seem to grow out of it…)? And my wonderful husband actually does believe in making the bed, so the bedroom always looks a lot tidier when he’s around. Besides having an unmade bed almost 100% of the time he is away, I guess I alsoย just miss him being around. But enough mushy stuff…

I’m going to try to convince him to make a guest appearance on the blog and share some of his pictures and stories from Japan, so we’ll see how persuasive I can be.

In the meantime, I have spentย time with real human beings, not just the cats.

I went with a friend to a place called Petroglyph. It’s one of those “paint your own ceramic piece” places. I went with a mug because I was feeling quite uninspired that day. I have yet to pick it up but I’ll show y’all the before and after when I get around to it. Petroglyph is in downtown Willow Glen in San Jose. I’ve never been down there before but it is a really cute area (It’s San Jose’s local treasure, apparently) so I really want to take Derrick down there sometime to check it out.

A coworker of mine graciously gave up a few hours of her time last Friday to walk around downtown Pleasanton and get dinner. It was another cute, kind of quaint downtown area with a lot of unique shops and restaurants. Here’s me hanging out with some of the “people” of the town:

Trying to be serious with some locals in this random mural on the side of a building.
Because who doesn’t love a good kitschy kitten and yarn salt and pepper shaker set?
My new horsey friend at the local tack shop

So, let’s get to the “5 good things” list; I’m totally ready this week. Ready?…

1. Derrick comes home tomorrow.
2. Derrick comes home tomorrow.
3. Derrick comes home tomorrow.
4. Derrick comes home tomorrow.
5. Derrick comes home tomorrow.

Did I leave anything out? Hmmmm, wait did I mention Derrick gets back tomorrow? Okay, well, how about a few bonus items?

New Jams (I really can’t get enough of Jamberry):


This petit four from a local bakery in Pleasanton (I love petit fours):

And honestly I’m just glad that today is Friday!


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