This Post Brought to You by the Letter C

This Post Brought to You by the Letter C

1) C is for cookies and the Cookie Monster

So, as I mentioned last time, Target now carries Tim Tams. So of course, Friday night I made a trip to Target exclusively to get my Tim Tam fix. They were kind of hiding and I almost left without seeing them, but I was like a hog sniffing for truffles and didn’t give up until I found the packages of delicious goodness tucked behind some other cookies.

The successful hunt:


But then, I was thinking about Tim Tams and the fact that they’re Australian and that I seem to like a lot of foods that are from other countries which made me think about Welsh cookies. So, growing up, when we went to our local Celtic Festival every summer, my family always got Welsh cookies from Welsh Cookie Man (no, really, his website is welshcookieman). After I went to college, my mom would order cookies for me and send them to me for my birthday or finals or something like that. I don’t really know what’s so special about them. I don’t really even know how to describe them, kind of how I can’t describe why Tim Tams are so amazing. But I really like them, and I decided that apparently Tim Tams weren’t enough cookies for the house.Β So I thought,Β Hmm I’ve always wanted to try making them but I don’t have a griddle, but wait! I do own a griddle now, and I could try them! I found a recipe, added the ingredients to my shopping list, and this evening, I made my Welsh cookies. In all their glory:


They’re actually pretty close to tasting like Welsh Cookie Man’s, so bravo to this recipe, and of course my culinary skills….

2. C is for crafting

I pin so many things on Pinterest that are DIY/craft projects and I pretty much never actually try the stuff I pin. But I decided to make use of some empty cereal boxes and I made these (from a combination of Pinterest ideas) hanging mail bins. Yes, that’s right! A little scrapbook paper, a little paint, some cereal boxes and Modge Podge, and I was all set to make them (Derrick hates having stuff clutter up the counter, and I’m maybe not so great at keeping the mail pile from growing and growing and taking up a good chunk of counter space. So these seem like a better solution to help keep me from letting mail pile up and keep the counter clean):


3. C is for cats. Because I just discovered that apparently one of my cats just randomly hops up onto the bathroom counter and licks our toothbrushes. Let me let that sink in. He isΒ licking our toothbrushes. Do you know what cats use their tongues for??? I don’t even share a toothbrush with my husband because I think that’s yucky. One time he accidentally took one of my toothbrushes on a business trip with him and I never used it again after that. So, quite frankly I’m not sure how long this behaviour has been going on, but I may need to go buy new toothbrushes. And come up with a way of storing them in a place where the cat can’t lick them.

And , unfortunately, C is for cleaning. Which is what I need to go do, since I have yet to clean the kitchen after my cookie-making adventure. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Enjoy the last week, of January!


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