Crazy Cat Lady Day

Crazy Cat Lady Day

In addition to January 14 being the birthday of Mark Antony (83 BC) and Benedict Arnold (1741) and Ratification Day (when the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War was ratified in 1784), I decided today should also be Crazy Cat Lady Day, although maybe there is actually a holiday for that already? Regardless, now we’ve learned a little something about this date in history and I feel better having at least a little bit of something substantial in this post besides random cat pictures (also thanks to stupid windows updates taking forever, killing my computer once, and trying again, I’m barely going to getย this posted on January 14).

The cats have been feeling neglected because their appearance on the blog has been pretty low lately, so here’s some cat pictures from your favorite crazy cat lady (nobody is shocked that I’m a cat lady, right?; it might only be surprising that I am also actually married…)

The catsย loveย the holidays. You can see it in their faces:


They make lovely presents:

2014-12-25 08.17.12

They also make really good tables:

2015-01-03 12.38.16

And they’re really good at blending in with their surroundings:

2015-01-06 13.38.02

They still love boxes:

2014-12-02 22.59.04

And they are also now really into taking selfies….

IMG_4255As you can see, they have quite a busy life, so that’s why they made me blog for them instead of commandeering the blog.

We may only be halfway through the week, but here are 2 good things about the week so far:

1. I am currently eating Walker’s Shortbread dipped in hot cocoa. Um, hello deliciousness! Try it, you won’t be disappointed (unless you don’t like cocoa. Or shortbread.).

2. I have a mint Aero bar to eat this week (Aero bars being one of my two favourite British chocolates; Curly Wurly, of course, being my other favourite).

2015-01-13 20.02.34

Hope the week is going well for y’all! Only two more days until the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “Crazy Cat Lady Day

  1. Oh my goodness. Laughed out loud… nearly cried when I saw the pictures of the cats and your comments. I love cats. Can’t wait until I can have one again! ~Emily

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