Friday Five

Friday Five

Random picture of my trip to Hobbiton because I'm feeling randomly nostalgic about it and because I wanted a pretty picture for today's post
Picture of my trip to Hobbiton because I’m feeling randomly nostalgic about it and also because I wanted a pretty picture for today’s post

Alright, here we go, I know it hasn’t been a week since my last post, but making a list of good things about the week makes more sense at the end, rather than the beginning, no? Otherwise I’ll be trying to be optimistic before the week even starts and that just isn’t easy most Mondays… And given that I think we can all agree that this week has been quite full of some pretty awful things, I’m going to just find some happiness in the little things of this week…

1. I’m pretty much recovered from my cold/sinus thing/whatever it was. I ended up taking only a half day off, but it apparently was enough to rest and recover. Derrick, on the other hand, is still sick but now has some nice strong meds to help him kick his sinus infection to the curb, so that’s at least progress.

2. I had my Highland dance class this week for the first time since the 3rd week of December….which brings me to a little side story of how I’ve been taking Scottish Highland dance classes for a few months now. I tried it on a whim (well, let’s be honest, I’ve been into this kind of stuff my whole life and I’ve done Scottish country dancing, so it’s not that big of a big leap to Highland dance from there) and I’m absolutely loving it. Ever heard of the Highland fling? Yeah, I can do that (probably not very weel, but still). So I missed having class the past few weeks and was happy to start back up again after the holidays.

3. We’ve decided to have Chick-fil-a for dinner tonight after we hit the gym. I’m so excited for gym time to roll around just because it will mean I’m that much closer to a delicious dinner of chicken goodness.

4. Oh man…getting harder to come up with with my weekly 5 good things….Um….how about my haircut turned out how I wanted it to and that was good, because, you know, tonsurephobia…although mostly I’m over that since I found my stylist here.

5. And….well this video is more something that I just like this week rather than something good about the week, but I’m counting it. Because I want a ginormous horse that comes to my kitchen window to eat…

I guess as a bonus, I am looking forward to a pretty laid back weekend. And also it occurs to me that I am actually pretty grateful that it does not feel like the Arctic relocated itself to my corner of the world. Sorry to all y’all who are suffering in the nasty cold weather. Stay warm and have a lovely weekend!


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