Devonport and Coromandel

Devonport and Coromandel

Well I didn’t mean to take this long to get the last Oz trip post up, but here it is…
I’m combining the last two (and a half) days of our vacation into one post, because, well, I need to catch up. But also because I don’t have as much to say about these places and mainly have some pictures to show.
So, Devonport is a short 10 minute ferry ride from Auckland. It is home to Mt. Victoria, which is a dormant volcano and also used to be used as a military fort, so we climbed to the top and took in the sights (The sky looked pretty ominous for most of the day but we did manage to avoid rain for most of the morning and early afternoon). We also sported some Clemson Tiger Pride up on top of the volcano.

download (1)
Leaving Auckland on the Ferry
download (3)
Hanging out on the cannon

download (2) download (4)


Later in the afternoon, we went up in the Sky Tower that was right next to our hotel. The tower is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and the observation deck is about 630 feet up. It was hard to take pictures, but the views were pretty fantastic. There is also a cafe below one of the observation decks, so we had some coffee and watched the sun set.

We ate dinner at a restaurant at the casino (a really good dim sum place) and then wandered the casino floor and that was about the extent of our adventures for the day (I think all the traveling, especially for Derrick, was starting to catch up to us because we were tired).

Sunday morning we got up and headed out to the Coromandel Peninsula. It basically is a beautiful drive up and around the peninsula along the ocean. We stopped countless times along the way to get out, take pictures, go down on the beaches, and enjoy the beauty of it all.

download (5)

download (6)

download (8)

download (9)

download (11)

download (12)


On the way back down the peninsula on the other side, we stopped at a place called Cathedral Cove. It was a pretty good little hike to get to Cathedral Cove, but it was worth it:

download (13)

download (15)

download (16)

download (17)

On our way back, we had to stop for a cow crossing, which was random, but I was pretty excited about it:

download (7)

It was a really fun day, and one of my favorite parts of our time in New Zealand…I like being out in the country much more than being in the city.

Monday was our last day in Auckland but since we didn’t fly out till the evening, we spent the morning doing a little more shopping before heading to the airport. Our flight home was kind of brutal…no AC on the plane so we were sweating to death, which made it pretty hard to sleep much. But we made it back and had the rest of the day to recover before going back to work the next day.

I’m hoping Derrick has to go back to Australia or New Zealand sometime down the road because I’d love to go back and see more!


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