Autumn Adventures

Autumn Adventures

So now that I’ve finally blogged about our trip, that happened over a month ago, I should catch up on the rest of September and October…

My parents came out for a visit around the middle of September. We had a fabulous time with them here. We went to Muir Woods and hiked a trail that ended up being a lot more strenuous than any of us expected it to be, but it was a good hike and the redwoods were pretty awesome.




After our exhausting hike, we stopped in Berkeley for burgers and beer at Triple Rock Brewery before coming back down the bay.

The next day it was another trip to Monterey Bay and this time we went to the aquarium again.

Penguin Selfie!
Penguin Selfie!

And of course we had to go back out to Lover’s Point and climb out on the rocks to enjoy the ocean (although this time we caught it when the tide was low, so the water was calm and quiet). That night was the Clemson/FSU game. Let’s not talk about that….

Sunday after church, we introduced my parents to RedZone and spent most of the day just watching football. Then we took them to Santana Row, went to the Tesla showroom, had a delicious dinner at Maggiano’s, and then finished up the evening, and their visit, with fro-yo from pinkberry. They took a red-eye flight back home that night. It was such a good visit and it is always great to see family, even if it always feels a little too short.

Derrick’s been doing a lot of traveling for work; he’s been to Reno, Houston, and Charlotte in the time since we’ve gotten back from Oz. Things have been going well for the company though, which is always good. I got promoted at work as of Oct 1, so that was pretty exciting, since I’ve only been there a year and I thought it might take a little longer before taking over as technical director. So we are feeling very blessed in our jobs right now 🙂

Two weekends ago, we ran another 10K race called the Rocky Ridge race. It was advertised as the toughest race of the year for the group that puts on all these trail races that we’ve been doing. They weren’t kidding. I thought the race in July was tough, but compared to this, it doesn’t seem so bad. It was hot, even by 9 am when we were in the middle of our run. And the elevation was wicked. But when we got to the top of the trail, we were up on the ridge and could see the bay, the city, and a lot of mountains/hills. Pretty beautiful despite how exhausted we were. Surprisingly, Derrick and I did really well (and here’s where I will toot my own horn for 5 seconds and then I’ll stop it). We both finished 2nd in our respective age groups for the 10K and I was the 8th female finisher in the 10K. Admittedly, there were a lot less 10K runners than usual in this race, but still, we both got a medal for being 2nd place age group finishers:


Showing off the hardware
Showing off the hardware


I’m pretty sure I barely moved the rest of the day after the race, but I felt very accomplished.

And so now we are over halfway through October, just like that. Our weather here is finally starting to be cool enough (and by that I mean low 70s) to wear some sweaters and scarfs and boots. I do wish we had more of a fall season here, but until this week, we have been pretty hot. We’ve been enjoying watching a lot of college football, although none of our friends out here understand why we care about college ball because it is not really that popular out here. We keep cheering for the Tigers, who just stressed us out big time in their latest game against Boston College today. But it was a win, and that’s always good.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


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