1 year later…

1 year later…

A year ago on Thursday, Derrick and I were getting on a plane with four suitcases, two backpacks and two cats with a one-way ticket to San Francisco. A year ago today, we were sitting around in an empty apartment trying to get our bearings, survive with just an air mattress and some paper plates (okay, maybe we had a little more than that). I was jobless, trying to fill my days with reading and sewing and hanging out at the internet cafe at our complex while Derrick worked. Fast forward to today and we are sitting in our apartment, on our couch, watching TV, enjoying the weekend before another work week. It is crazy to me that we’ve already been here a year and how far we’ve come in the year since getting out here. We both have jobs we like (mostly), we have made some friends, have gotten to see a lot of cool places in the area, and we finally feel settled.

A few weeks ago, we hit another pretty significant milestone. On May 25th we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! My super-clever, super-thoughtful mom sent us an awesome paper anniversary present…a box full of paper products! Paper towels, paper napkins, paper plates, toilet paper, paper notecards, etc. It was awesome and also really practical (I was about to run out of paper towels, so it was really good timing!). On our anniversary, we got dressed up and went out to dinner at Santana Row at a restaurant called Maggiano’s (which they also have in Atlanta and probably other places too). It’s an Italian restaurant and the food was really good. Because we moved out here right after our wedding, DQ’s mom kept the top of our wedding cake in her freezer for us. Obviously we don’t have a good way to get it out to us, so instead, we got cupcakes and ate those for dessert in lieu of our anniversary cake. I’m really glad to have our first year under our belt and am looking forward to what this next year has in store (although if this year wants to be a littler calmer than the first year, that might be okay)!

Shortly after my birthday, the Braves were in town playing the San Francisco Giants. Since it is really our only chance to catch the Braves playing, we went to two of the 3 games in the series. We rode the CalTrain up one night (This is the double decker train that I’m quite taken with) and drove up to the city the next day to enjoy the time at the ballpark. Unfortunately, the Braves lost one of the two games, but it was still fun to wear our Braves gear and cheer for our team!

2014-05-13 21.03.22
Craig Kimbrel warming up in the bullpen
2014-05-13 21.07.07
Ballgame selfie day 1
A nice view of the bay from the ballpark
2014-05-14 14.32.54
Ballgame selfie day 2

Last Saturday we went to an A’s game for Catfish Hunter bobblehead night:

photo (3)

The game didn’t start off so great for the A’s, but they ended up winning, which is always good. Also, in case you don’t follow baseball/A’s baseball, there is a player named Josh Reddick and lately his intro music when he comes up to bat is the sax solo fromΒ Careless Whisper. I don’t think I can do it justice by just telling you though, so please for your entertainment and enjoyment, go here and watch the video (it’s only 2 minutes and definitely worth the watch in my opinion).

And on that note, I’ll wrap this post up. Got two other big posts to work on for y’all (sneak peak: my trip to San Antonio and the bathroom mold drama of 2014) so it won’t be too long before another post.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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