Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

Have you noticed that the older you get, the less fun your birthdays get? Grown-up birthdays have been kind of lame for me so I don’t get too excited about them. But this year, I had such a fun day, so I’m thinking not all birthdays have to be lame.

Derrick and I got up early on Saturday morning to run another 10K race. This one was the Western Pacific and it was a lot flatter than the Badger Run we did for St. Patrick’s Day so we actually were able to run the entire time instead of having to stop and walk up giant mountains. Derrick finished ahead of me this time because I had to stop and stretch for a hip that wanted to lock up on me (and he found a really good groove so he just kept going with it). But we both actually set new PRs for ourselves for our 10K pace (Derrick’s pace was 8:59 and I’m jealous because I haven’t cracked less than 9 min/mile pace yet!), and we both finished in the top 100 out of over 400 runners for the 10K length, so we were pretty happy about how it went.


We wore bright distinct colors this time so finding ourselves in pictures was easier than when everyone was in green!


Excited to be back at the car after eating a lot of snacks


After all that hard work, naturally, I felt like I needed some pampering, so my friend Devin and I went to get pedicures. The best part of the pedicure was when they did the foot and calf massage. I decided that this might have to become the routine when we do these 10K races now: run then pedicure πŸ™‚ We are planning to do another race in July most likely, so that sounds like just the right timing for a new pedicure, right? Right.

Saturday evening we (well, I told Derrick this is what I wanted to do) Β decided to have our own low country boil at the apartment. We invited some friends over (since the recipe makes enough for a small army) and gave them a taste of some Southern awesomeness.

Step 1: Start with a gargantuan pot
Step 1: Start with a gargantuan pot
Step 2: Smell and admire food.
Step 2: Smell and admire food.
Step 3: Devour the deliciousness
Step 3: Devour the deliciousness

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we finished off the meal with S’mores cupcakes. Derrick and I only had to eat leftovers for 3 meals afterwards, which isn’t too bad considering how much food we made.

By the end of the night, I was exhausted, but it was such a fun day full of all kinds of accomplishments so it felt rewarding finally dropping into bed.

Thank you, Lord, for another great year full of blessings!


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