Train Rides, Baseball, and Boxing

Train Rides, Baseball, and Boxing

First, hope everyone had a blessed Palm Sunday.

The day after my last blog post, Derrick and I went to one of the games in the Bay Bridge Series. Every year at the end of spring training, the A’s and the Giants play a series (two in SF and one in Oakland). One of our friends from softball wanted to get a group together and head up to AT&T park on Friday, so we decided it would be fun to see some baseball, get to go to AT&T park without having to spend a million dollars on tickets, and hang out with some of our friends. Another couple lives near us and they always take the Caltrain up to San Fran so that they don’t have to drive in to the city and deal with parking and all that, so we decided we’d spare ourselves the hassle as well and take the train with them.

First of all, I need to mention my strange desire to experience riding a real train. I don’t know why; maybe because it looks so cool and swanky in James Bond movies or Sherlock Holmes movies. At any rate, the Caltrain really is a train, not like the BART or VTA light rail type transportation. Secondly, I need to mention that the Caltrain is TWO STORIES! What?! No really, when you get inside, there’s a little staircase and there are seats above the main floor. I might be the only one who finds this incredibly awesome, but it really is wicked cool. So I was pretty excited to ride it. Plus, it was only $14 round-trip per person to ride it, which is definitely more economical considering parking in San Fran is a)a HUGE nightmare and 2) super expensive (30$ or more). Furthermore, the Caltrain is like a party bus when everyone is going to the game…people were all having a good time, having a beer and enjoying the ride up to the city. I’m glad we decided to try it out because now we know how easy it is to use Caltrain to get up to the city.

So we finally got to the ballpark (after a slight mishap of almost missing the train because the Caltrain schedule was misread/misinterpreted by someone in our group (no it was not Derrick or me); a train showed up, all the other people in baseball gear got on, but supposedly the train we wanted was 1o minutes away still, so we let it go before checking the schedule again, realizing that that was the last train heading north for the next hour or so and that initially one of our friends, Devin, had looked at the AM train times instead of the PM. We had to hop in the car, drive to the next Caltrain station down the line, and hurry to the platform to catch a train there. It was quite dramatic, I assure you.)

It was fun to be back at AT&T Park…It’s an awesome ballpark and Derrick and I haven’t been there since he was working at Berkeley a few summers ago. Of course, the big thing to do at a Giants game is get garlic fries (these people out here love their garlic!) and so Devin and I stood in a massive line, missing about two innings of baseball, and got 4 orders of garlic fries for ourselves and our men. They were soooo delicious, although our breath probably wasn’t so great afterwards! The A’s beat the Giants, which is always good even though it was just a spring training game. Derrick and I might have been a little confused about what city we were in though:

10014653_10100114993235125_653785041_nYou can’t see, but I also had a sweatshirt on with the Atlanta “A” on it as well. But we aren’t Giants fans and we don’t really have much Oakland gear, so we decided to represent the Braves.

We rode the train home and the best part was the both of us could doze off a little (it was late and we were tired!) riding home because neither of us had to drive.

Last Saturday, we went to an A’s game in Oakland. It was a promotion day, so we both got these A’s fleece blankets at the gate. Whenever we go to evening games, they will definitely come in handy, because it gets chilly here when the sun goes down, even in the summer. They were playing Seattle and the game was pretty good, even though the A’s lost. It’s still not quite the same as being at a Braves game, but we are learning to adjust and think of the A’s as “our” team too. See, we even got some gear (which was good because if we hadn’t been wearing hats our heads/faces probably would have gotten sunburned):

I like having an excuse to wear an elephant hat!
I like having an excuse to wear an elephant hat!

Last week I was also feeling crafty and had been spending time on Pinterest, so I went to JoAnn’s (which is dangerous because when I’m there I suddenly must craft ALL the things!) and got a few things to spruce up our little bookcase/cubby thing in our living room.

I don’t have a “before picture” but basically I just got some foam board and fabric and made a backboard for the cube to give it a little extra color and “pop” which is totally an idea I found on Pinterest but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I stood in the fabric section of the store for a long time debating about what kind of pattern I wanted, and I’m happy with this for now, but since it didn’t take me too long to do, if I ever get bored of this pattern, I could always make a new backing for it.

Last Friday night we had our first ever guests over to our house for dinner (okay, technically we had our friends Ben and Anna over to the pool and then the house for dinner last summer when we first got out here and they were still living here, but they were already friends from back in SC, so I’m not counting that). The same couple we rode the train with up to San Fran came over for dinner. Because she is a born and raised California girl and he is Puerto Rican (these are the same ones that took us to the really good Cuban restaurant), we thought it would be fun to have a Southern-type meal, so we made fried cube steak (they had never heard of cube steak, which blows my mind) with rice and gravy, and Derrick’s family recipe mac ‘n’ cheese. Dinner was pretty popular and they asked for the mac recipe because they liked it so much. Plus we’ve got Devin saying “y’all” now, so I’m pretty glad the southern influence is rubbing off on her! 🙂 It’s been nice having people to hang out with, since up until this spring, we hadn’t really made friends. Plus having company got me extra motivated to clean a little better than I sometimes do (do bookshelves really have to be dusted that often?).

This past Friday, we went to see the new Captain America movie, which was obviously awesome! We also watch the ABC show Marvel’s Agents of Shield and it kind of ties a lot of things together between the show and the movie, which was pretty cool. When does the next Avengers movie come out? Not soon enough probably…

Last night, we went over to Devin and Edwin’s place because his birthday is next week and they were having people over to celebrate plus watch the Paquiao/Bradley boxing match. I can’t say I’m really into boxing or really care one bit about it (isn’t it one of the most fixed “sports” in the biz?) and we have never spent money to watch one of those fights, but we figured we’d go over since it was his birthday celebration and all. I’m not gonna lie, the fight was kind of long. And kind of boring. I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect because pretty much all of my boxing knowledge comes from Rocky I and Rocky II! After the fight (it gets over so early on the west coast!) we went to a local bar/lounge place down the street from where they lived (the apartment complex has “quiet hours” and there were about 15 people in the apartment so we weren’t so quiet). Derrick and I played a little pool with a couple other people, and stayed up later than we have in awhile I think. Needless to say, getting up for church this morning was a little rough!

We watched the Masters this afternoon (well, I may have napped a little bit too) and I was excited for Bubba to get another green jacket, although I was kind of hoping Jordan Speith could beat Tiger’s record of being the youngest player to win the Masters.

Much love to y’all and have a blessed Easter!



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