Out Like a Lamb

Out Like a Lamb

Happy Spring! Hopefully for those of you in the midwest, winter really will go away and there won’t be anymore snow and really cold temperatures.

So right after my last blog post, on that Friday Derrick came back from his trip and we went to a Golden State Warriors game (against the Atlanta Hawks). We bought tickets on StubHub, along with a parking pass to try to save money instead of paying for parking on game day. The ticket said VIP parking, but we didn’t think it really meant anything. No, it was totally legit. We got to park super close to Oracle and blow by all the other schmucks that just had regular parking passes. I’m not going to lie, I did feel pretty important.

The game was fun…it was my first time at and NBA game, so I didn’t have a lot of expectations. Pro basketball is not one of my top favorite sporting events, but I do like Golden State and some of the players. We had a good time, I had a churro, and Golden State won. I think they might make playoffs, so we may go to another game later this year if they do.

The next night, we went over to Santanna Row to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a place called the Yard House. It was our first time at Santanna Row and we got there early, so we decided to walk around (this is the same place that was having that event back in September where you could walk around shopping and drinking). It is an awesome place. Expensive, but awesome. There are a lot of high-end stores but some “normal” ones as well. And there are a lot of restaurants to try. The whole place has (and was designed to have) a European feel to it. There is a market that definitely reminded me more of the little markets in England than an American convenience store. Best discovery of the night: this market not only sells Aero bars, but also CURLY WURLY candy bars! I fell in love with Aero bars and curly wurly bars a long time ago, and occasionally I can find Aero bars at the regular grocery store in the international section. But for years, I have not been able to find Curly Wurly bars anywhere. Needless to say, I bought one and promptly ate it before we even got to the restaurant for dinner and it was as delicious as I remember. I have a feeling Santanna Row might be a place I will have to visit more often…

The following weekend was another busy one. Friday night, we had a double header for softball. I had to play because otherwise we didn’t have enough people to field a team. I’m getting a little better each time I play, but compared to the rest of the team, I look pretty silly out there. We won our games though, which always makes it fun. The second game didn’t start until after 9, so we got home close to 11 that night. A few short hours later (okay it was 6 am), we were getting up and getting ready for a 10K trail run. It was called Badger Cove and it was in a cool park in Livermore called Del Valle. We probably should have looked at the elevation map more closely when we signed up for it….the course was pretty tough! It was the first trail race we have ever done and it is SO much different than a 10K road race that is nice and paved and flat. There were parts of the course where everyone (except for a few really super duper in shape people) had to walk because the hills were so big and steep. Even though it was a lot harder than we were expecting, it felt really awesome to cross the finish line. Derrick’s chip time was 1 second faster than mine (he cheated) but we basically stayed together throughout the race…it was good moral support to have someone running with you. The best part of it all was that we got these wicked cool finishers medals:


The group that put on this event puts on several trail races throughout the Bay area every year, so we are thinking about giving another one a try and we’ve decided we are definitely doing this race next year. We finished in the 140s out of 370ish 10K runners, so we felt pretty good about our pace, but maybe next year we can set a new PR.

As you can imagine, we took the rest of the weekend pretty easy, although I did have enough ambition to properly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making bangers and mash with Guinness onion gravy:

And of course I also had a nice tall glass of Guinness to go with my meal (and while I was cooking too).
Then I made festive shamrock cookies and shared them with people at work so Derrick and I didn’t eat them all!


Last Friday was the playoff night for our softball league. I hadn’t been feeling good most of the week, so I went for moral support but didn’t play. Nonetheless, we won our first game, meaning we went to the championship game after the other semifinal game was over. We won that game, so in our league of 4 teams, we were the champions (insert Queen music here) and we got t-shirts to prove it (they say “Champions”). After the big victory, everyone decided they wanted to keep the team together and play the next season (which starts in April). I decided to sit this season out basically because I’m terrible at softball and they have enough people on the team without me. I will sub in if we are short on girls for a game but I’m thinking I’ll basically just retire from my softball career riding high on the championship win.

Last Saturday night we went out to dinner with two other couples (friends made through softball) to a Cuban restaurant in San Jose. We haven’t really ventured in to the downtown area of San Jose since we’ve been here, but now that we have friends that are familiar with the area, we are getting out to try more lately. The food was really yummy. We had fried yucca (well I think it was fried…it looked like french fries) which I really liked, and some tasty pork, and all the meals came with sweet fried plantains. I am a big fan of sweet fried plantains! I ate all of mine and could have eaten more. Derrick has made plantains for us once before but he used the greener ones which aren’t as sweet, but I’m thinking we should make them more often at home. The area where the restaurant was had a lot of cool looking places around it as well, so we’re planning to head back down that direction to try other stuff.

March Madness has been, well, mad. A lot of interesting upsets the first two rounds, but how ’bout them UD Flyers? I have Florida winning the championship in one of my brackets, but maybe I wouldn’t mind losing if it meant UD made it to the Final Four…

Let’s see, work has been going well for both of us. At my job, we are getting close to hiring a new person to fill the empty position, which I’m looking forward to because it has been pretty hectic lately at work. Oh, in case you were wondering, bamboo plants do not survive after you cat gnaws most of the leaves off. I’m bummed about that, but I think I paid $1 for it at Ikea, so I guess it won’t be that big of a deal to replace it.

Tuesday was our 10 month anniversary…I can’t believe how quickly we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary! It doesn’t seem possible that we have been married that long yet!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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