In Like a Lion

In Like a Lion

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, right? Well I thought that was a saying about the weather. WRONG. Apparently for me this week, life is coming in like a lion to start off March. Disclaimer: This post will probably sound petulant and whiny, as I plan to complain about several irritations of week. I realize that my petty problems are really not important and really not worth being upset about, but it’s been kind of a crazy week.

First of all, I had several working titles for this blog post as I thought about what to share with y’all since the last post. These titles included:

“And the Weathermen Rejoiced” :we’ve gotten a fair bit of rain lately and one night they broke into the regular news with “SEVERE weather microclimate updates” every 4 seconds and told us to go get supplies and have our flashlights ready because we were all going to lose power and <GASP> we might have some thunder and lightening! It was pretty ridiculous but out here we don’t get a lot of actual weather, so I guess they wanted to make the most of their time in the spotlight.

“The Hills are Alive” All this rain has turned all the golden hills a beautiful, rich green color and it is ever so delightful driving to work lately. I feel like I should be in England or something because of the lush hillsides and grazing animals. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen them look this way, so it was pretty exciting to me, even though it probably doesn’t sound that earth-shattering.

“Brynna’s  Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” which I will definitely elaborate on in a few sentences.

And “M’s to the Rescue” That would be Mom and M&M’s. Since it is the 73rd anniversary of M&M candies, Mom sent us a few bags of orange and purple (of course) M&Ms, which couldn’t have come at a better time. After my no good, very bad day on Monday, I came home to this box and, well, chocolate fixes everything, right? So I consumed large quantities of them and the world was a better place. Thanks, Mom 🙂

This week started with me making my mom’s delicious amazing wonderful vegetable soup (which could feed an army…I still have a big bowl of it left but it is still very yummy) which went pretty well overall, except for when I had to take out the soup bones from the pot and managed to drop one on the floor, whereupon it splattered all over the white oven, cabinets, and floor (a large part of the broth is tomato juice), so that was annoying, but it was apparently a sign of more to come…

You might need to click on the picture and blow it up so you can really appreciate the cat damage.

Alright, so work has been crazy lately because our QC person quit. She also managed customer service, so her leaving puts a big hole in operations. To transition, someone familiar with sales/operations is taking over the customer service part of her job and I am temporarily taking over QC. We are going to hire a new QC person hopefully this month and I will get to be their manager (like I’m getting a helper monkey. Thank you Helpy Helperton…bonus points if you get those references). In the meantime though, the QC responsibilities fall to me. It isn’t hard but it definitely takes time away from other things I have to get done. On top of this, my boss went on vacation starting last Wednesday and he doesn’t come back until tomorrow (Friday). SO all the technical services that we do are all on me in his absence (which I’ve been mostly doing anyway). All of this is just to say that work was bound to be busier for me this week, but then I had a lot of laboratory issues and experiments that got behind schedule and I had to bug my boss via email and phone calls way more than I had hoped because I wanted to show that I had learned a lot and was capable of taking care of all the responsibilities and technical issues and all that. I’ve been so frustrated all week, but Monday was especially bad where I had issue after issue with one of my tests and I basically accomplished nothing (well I did get things done, but I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything that day), stayed an hour late, and didn’t have much hope about Tuesday being better. And then, I get home and (before the M&M’s) I got on my iPad, sat down on the couch, and planned to check my personal email and twitter. As I sat down, I noticed that my cute little bamboo plant (that we’ve had since, I don’t know, June, I believe) was knocked over on the end table. By a lazy miracle, I had left some newspapers on that table that I hadn’t gotten around to throwing out so when the plant got knocked over, all the water was absorbed by the newspapers. BUT, not only did one of my cats manage to knock the plant over, which couldn’t have really happened on accident because it is tucked away against the wall, they managed to EAT it! This lucky bamboo plant apparently isn’t so lucky:

The plant cost $1 at Ikea and it really isn’t the end of the world, but on top of the crummy work day, it was just too much for one day.

The cats have been a constant pain this week. Yesterday I came home to a big nasty hairball on the carpet to clean up. And tonight, right as I was about to head out for a run, one of the cats puked UNDER the bed. So picture me, crawling halfway under the bed trying to clean up cat puke. Yeah. Hilarious as long as it is not you doing it, but ugh it was NOT fun. And the other one has been running around meowing like a wild thing at like 11 or 12 at night for some reason. And, did I mention, Derrick was at a conference this week, so I had to deal with all of this by myself?? I’m not mad that he wasn’t here (maybe a little jealous he didn’t have to crawl under a bed and clean up puke) but it would have made things a little easier to bear this week I think if he had been around.

Well, I guess that hopefully wasn’t too much complaining! There are a lot of blessings and good things this week to be thankful for despite all the not-so-fabulous things. For example, I got my very own cubicle at work! I have only had a desk in the lab since I started my job, mostly due to the fact that we didn’t have extra empty cubes in the office. It isn’t horrible because I’m in the lab a lot, but I am definitely happy about being able to drink my coffee or eat lunch at my desk and still do some work on my computer instead of having to eat in the breakroom (sometimes it feels like high school because certain groups of people always sit together at certain tables and if I have to crash one of the tables I feel really awkward and I don’t know, it’s weird). And I finally have enough space at my desk to be able to handle the flow of papers and folders and other things that accumulate on my desk. Plus I get to interact with my coworkers more instead of being isolated in a lab by myself all day.

Hopefully everyone else is having a less eventful start to their (his/her?) March and I will hope for a more relaxed, less stressful week next week. Also, bring on the March Madness! Only about a week till Selection Sunday!

Random PS-Did anyone watch the Oscars? They were boring and I only half-watched half of it, and I think the general consensus was that it was kind of lame but I have heard people making fun of John Travolta’s mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name ALL week, which is kind of funny…google it if you didn’t see it, he botched her name badly.



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