Happy Presidents’ Day

Happy Presidents’ Day

Hi! February is more than halfway over!? What? I feel like I’m always surprised when I sit down to blog and really contemplate the date. But here we are, Happy belated Valentine’s Day to everyone. Derrick and I enjoyed the holiday by going out for buffalo wings after the gym. Not surprisingly, the restaurant was not crowded, so it was a perfect plan to avoid the “Valentine’s” crowd.

Last time I posted, I mentioned I may have to actually play for the softball team Derrick and I joined. Well, one of the people in the batting lineup never showed up and I was the only extra person, so I had to bat. Minus a small little glitch in my first at bat (I don’t want to relive it, but let’s just say if I was trying to not look stupid, I failed at that, but now the embarrassment is over?) I had two at bats and I didn’t strike out. I didn’t make it on base, but I at least hit the ball. So maybe I’m not as terrible at the softball thing as I thought. We didn’t have games this past Friday because of Valentine’s Day but we have another game next Friday. I won’t be as nervous this time if I do have to play, but I still wouldn’t mind if maybe I just kept the bench warm 🙂

Last weekend Derrick and I went to the Pebble Beach golf course for the ATT Pebble Beach ProAm Tournament. Despite some questionable weather (play got suspended around lunchtime mostly for ridiculous wind speeds and some rain), we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the course and seeing the golfers/celebrities. Mostly the two groups we followed included Dustin Johnson, John Daly, and Graeme McDowell (one of my favorite non-American golfers) and Kid Rock, Wayne Gretzky, and Chris O’Donnell (he stars in NCIS:LA, which we watch). We also caught a few sightings of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Giselle needs to pay better attention to her man’s attire because his pants were too short and too tight. Or maybe she was trying to help him be “fashionable” but either way, they were no good. And I would have boo’ed Belichick if that would have been appropriate, but apparently it is bad form to boo people at these things. And despite the “NO photography” policy, we, along with everyone else  with a cell phone, managed to snap some photos while we were there:

photo 3(10) photo 2(10) photo 4(6) photo 1(5) photo 4(5)

See what I mean about Brady's pants? Ridiculous.
See what I mean about Brady’s pants? Ridiculous.

photo 5(6)

Kid Rock was rocking USA pants
Kid Rock was rocking USA pants

We are looking forward to going back next year (and maybe the weather will be a little better).

This weekend we did some spring cleaning and errands and all those boring grown-up type things. But I did manage to make Nutella No Bake Cookies, which are amazing! This recipe calls them bars, but I always make them as cookies.

I also made the horrible decision to get on Pinterst. I know I’m pretty late to the party on this, but I’ve been avoiding it because I had a feeling I would want to spend all my time looking and pinning. So when I say horrible, I mean I love it but it probably consumes more of my time than it should. One thing I found on Pinterest was a recipe to make garbage disposal refreshers, you know for when your sink just gets a not-so-pleasant smell to it because of whatever you recently put in it. So I tried making them this weekend. It only takes a few ingredients, most of which are probably already in your house (I had to buy a lemon). They turned out like this:


Used a spaghetti sauce jar that I was about to throw out anyway for these, adding a little decoration to the lid to make it look pretty
Used a spaghetti sauce jar that I was about to throw out anyway for these, adding a little decoration to the lid to make it look pretty

I don’t know if you can tell, but even after drying these out overnight, mine were a little too delicate/crumbly. Derrick says I can just reach in with a spoon, scoop some out and toss it in the sink, which will work. I’m wondering if the dryness of the air out here caused them to not set right, or maybe I didn’t have enough liquid components. I will make them again at some point and will probably experiment with the formula (I am a chemist, after all) until they are a better consistency when they dry. At any rate, they do help freshen up the sink, although I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other easier ways to do it. But any chance I get to do kitchen chemistry, I’m pretty much sold.

I get Presidents’ Day off, so I’m enjoying some extra time around the house to get some stuff done, relax, watch some of the Olympics, etc. I also get to take one of the cats to the vet this afternoon (she’s okay but we think she has an infection), which is not how I envisioned spending my afternoon, but I’m just glad that I have the day off so that I can take her without one of us having to take time off work.

We’ve been thinking about all our family and friends in GA/SC who have had two ridiculous winter storms followed by an earthquake on Friday and another quake/aftershock yesterday. I can’t believe we are the ones who moved to California and y’all had an earthquake. Very crazy, but we are glad that everyone seems to be safe and okay from all of it. Meanwhile, the north continues to get more and more snow…hopefully spring gets here soon and there isn’t much more snow!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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