I’ve been having all these ideas and things to write about lately, but have found myself too tired to be ambitious enough to start blogging in the evenings after work, gym, dinner, chores, etc. So I’ve been working on the draft of this post over a few days during my breaks at work…please bear with me, this may be a long post; we have a lot of ground to cover…

So, the Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday and I’m pretty excited about it actually. Lately, I haven’t liked one or both teams in the Super Bowl it seems, and I’m really happy that this year I can get behind either team winning. Peyton can win another ring because, let’s be honest, he definitely should have as many (well, he should have more) as his brother and besides the Falcons (I learned to love the ATL teams), the Seahawks are my favorite NFL team. Mainly because I love Pete Carroll. Also, their colors are just so awesome so I have always kind of liked them even without Pete. The point of going into all of this is to tell y’all about the day Derrick and I went to San Francisco to a place called Pedro’s Cantina (which is joined to Pete’s Tavern), which is the largest sports bar in San Francisco (20,000 square feet in apparently an old historic warehouse; I googled all this because I definitely didn’t know this before going), to watch the AFC/NFC playoff games. A couple of friends invited us to go, so we thought, why not…

Now, remember, I am a Seahawks fan and Falcons fan. As such, I have a bazillion reasons for not liking the 49ers ONE BIT. So I went to a bar filled with hundreds of SF fans. While cheering for Seattle (when I say cheering I really mean that I kept really quiet so that no 49er fan tried to punch me or punch Derrick). I’m not going to lie, watching most of that game was pretty brutal being surrounded by a bunch of drunk (people had been there since about 10:30 and the game wasn’t on till 3:30, so a lot of alcohol had been consumed) ignorant fans getting outraged at any call that didn’t favor SF and who would cheer and jump around when SF did anything remotely decent (come on, do we really have to get rowdy on every first down?). It was painful. On top of all this, all I really wanted was to see SF lose, and Pete Carroll beat Jim Harbaugh and see all the 49er fans boo-hoo about losing. Let’s be honest, your team was just in the Super Bowl last year; do you really think I’m going to feel sorry for you because you were one game away from making it again? NO. When was the last time Seattle made it to the Super Bowl? 2006. And how many Super Bowls have they been in? 2. And how many times has SF made it to a Super Bowl? 6. Get my point?

Anyway, I was gleefully excited when Seattle won. Did a celebration dance in my head (again, didn’t want to get beat up) and waited to get to the car before cheering out loud about how happy I was for the win πŸ™‚ **Side story about our adventure to Pedro’s….at a table close to ours, a group of younger (early 20’s) guys were hanging out and two of them started getting into it about something. Then one kid hauled off and slapped the other kid across the face, so then they started to get a little pushy and then some other dude from another table who apparently didn’t think the guy who did the slapping should have done it got up, came over to him, grabbed him, got in his face and yelled at him. Then the situation cooled for a few minutes until the slapper started jawing again and finally their friends took control of the situation and for the next two hours, they kept those guys separated in different parts of the bar. Wild. It was at this point that I really started questioning our decision to go up to SF to watch the game because this was before the game even started. Although since Seattle won, I can put all the craziness and annoying parts of the experience behind me because HAHA SF, you lost. Oh wait, I’m sorry, is that bad sportsmanship? Let’s not even get me started on that Richard Sherman drama….** Last point…Pedro’s is a really cool place and the food was pretty good; we had these loaded up nachos which were delicious! If we ever go up for a Giants game (it is right across from AT&T Park) I’d probably go back there to eat before the game because it is definitely a cool experience.

Moving on….

Last Saturday, Derrick and I went to a Cirque du Soleil show called Amaluna. The show was only about 15 minutes from our apartment so it was pretty convenient to go. Preface: I do not like circuses, “circus” people, or anything that otherwise might be circus-related. This is mostly because I think all this is creepy. Creepy places, seedy people. No thanks. So I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at all hesitant about Cirque du Soleil. Because, well, “cirque” means circus. But Derrick assured me that I would like it, that it would be a lot of fun and he’s been wanting me to see Cirque du Soleil since he saw a show in Las Vegas a few years ago. So we bought tickets and I went in with an open mind (it also happened to be 8-month wedding anniversary which worked out nicely for our date night). The show starts out by a bunch of the performers in costume hanging out in the aisles. Luckily, we were sitting nowhere near an aisle. It was kind of creepy to me because they just stood there, looked around, moved a little, looked around. I guess it is a good technique for getting people to pay attention, sit down, and hush up, but I didn’t like how close they were getting…Then this lady comes out who had kind of gaudy makeup up and ridiculous hair and she had a German accent and she was the embodiment of weird circus performer (in my mind at least) and she went through rules of the show, etc. But she made me feel uncomfortable and I was a little nervous about the rest of the performance. Later, after she made a few other appearances mostly as comic relief/give the performers who are flying around doing all sorts of ridiculous things a break, I realized you had to have some kind of character to fill that role. SO once the real show got going, I loved it! There was a mix of aerial acrobatics, things with water, some juggling, and some cool gymnastic-type stuff and all of it was pretty impressive. And I guess it was loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which, looking back, makes a lot of sense and I wish I had realized it sooner during the show because I feel like I would have “gotten” the actual story/plot of the performance more. The set was pretty cleverly-designed and the way they use the space is impressive. Oh there was this half moon/chair thing that came down from the ceiling and at one point a performer sat in it and played a cello, while moving around in the air!Β The costumes were awesome; my favourite were the people who were supposed to be peacocks and they had these ginormous tails and they were super rad. All in all, a lot of fun, and I could definitely go back to another Cirque show (except I will NOT sit too close to the stage or near the aisles….too much audience interaction there for my liking) and since I was only mildly creeped out briefly during the beginning, I consider it a win for the circus.

Let’s see, Derrick volunteered us to play softball with a group of people (same friends who we went to Pedro’s with) in a league. It started last Friday and I can’t tell you how happy I was that the team had enough girls that I didn’t have to play. I’m shy. I’m introverted. So you tell me to put my athletic abilities (or lack thereof) on display in front of a bunch of strangers, and you gotta know that’s not gonna make me jump up and down for joy. So I was the best bench-warmer the team has ever seen and I was okay with that. But after seeing the other people play, I felt like maybe I would’t be the worst player ever to step on a softball field. We have another game tonight and there may not be enough people show up this week for me to sit on the bench the whole time so I may just have to suck it up and go play. Oh, did I mention that it is still JANUARY and even though it is California it is still in the 40’s when we play and it is REALLY cold?? Well, I guess if you are actually running around and playing, you don’t get so cold, but being a bench-warmer is really a tough job when it is frigid out, just so y’all know! Well, I’ll let you know if I have to get over my stage fright and play.

The other day when I was starting to work on this, I was trying to come up with a funny or interesting title so I was going to see if there was any strange or unusual holiday to recognize, but instead of googling “January 28 weird holidays” I just googled January 28. You guys, I may be late to this party, but did you know that when you google a date, wikipedia tells you a whole lot of world events and birthday and deaths that happen on that day?? I didn’t, but now I do, and it has become a new habit of mine. So my normal internet habits are now: Check email. Read the BBC news (IDK why, but I like getting my news from the Brits). Wiki the date and learn something new. It’s quite fascinating, really, so if you like learning a lot of random bits of information, you should try it out. Or laugh at me because I only just now discovered this and am so totally stoked about it.

So if I had gotten the post together for January 28, I would have told you in 1521, the Diet of Worms began (shout out to my boy Martin Luther), in 1547, Henry VIII died (I’m Henry the 8th I am, I am), and in 1813, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was first published in England (I also recommend reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) among a lot of other things. Then I thought I’d finish the post Jan 29, so I was going to mention that in 1820 on that day, King George III (who left a legacy of losing America to, well, the Americans) died, in 1850, Henry Clay introduced the Compromise of 1850 (yeah because that worked out so well for America), and in 1900 the American League (baseball) was founded in Philly. I learned that Jan 30, 1847, Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco. But now it is Jan 31, so did you know that on this date in history: Guy Fawkes (of the infamous Gunpowder Plot) was executed in 1606, in 1848, John Fremont (who, among a lot of other things, has a lot of significance in California/San Francisco Bay area) was court-martialed for mutiny, in 1915 during WWI, Germany was the first country to make use of poison gas on a large scale against Russia (I only mention that because I test gas mask cartridges so anything relating to that is interesting to me now), and in 1990 the first McDonald’s in the Soviet Union opened in Moscow (how do you say “Super size me” in Russian?). So there you go, don’t we all feel a little smarter? I know I do. Thanks wikipedia.

Well, this weekend besides the Super Bowl party, I think we’re doing our taxes. Wheeee, that sounds like so much fun doesn’t it? Because I love seeing how much money the government steals from me every year….

Prayers and thoughts for all our family and friends in GA/SC who got hit with the bad winter weather this week. Hope everyone was okay through that. We are experiencing a drought out here, which is becoming quite problematic (some areas have already had wildfire warnings because of how dry it is, which should be unheard of this time of year), so we’re praying for rain out here.

Can’t believe tomorrow is February already! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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