Tonsurephobia: Part 2

Tonsurephobia: Part 2

Well, it’s that time again…time to get my haircut. I’ve put this off for far too long (gold star if you got that that was a reference to the line in LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring). It’s been over 5 months since my last haircut and it has become a grown-out mess again. So, filled with fear and trepidation, I sought out a new stylist. Upon recommendation from my sister and mom who both have stylists at Aveda salons, I found one Aveda salon near us and scheduled an appointment.
My appointment was yesterday. I tried not to think about it too much. I distracted myself at work, not allowing any free time to contemplate the dreaded haircut. As I drove to my appointment Wednesday night, I honest-to-goodness felt my heart start racing and I got very anxious. Ridiculous, I know, but we’ve been through this irrational fear of mine before. I got to the salon and had to wait about 10 minutes before my stylist was ready. That made it worse. Part of me wanted to get up and be like “Oh just kidding, I can let my hair grow wild for another couple of months before I’ll just want to shave my head.” But I stayed strong and didn’t run away.
I told my stylist the kind of style I wanted: long, good layers/textures so that my hair is manageable but not too short on the layers so that I can put my hair up for the gym. That’s it. I didn’t show her any pictures of how I wanted it to look or anything but she seemed to have a plan.
Oh my goodness, y’all, she did such an amazing job! In fact, she may have cured me of my tonsurephobia. My hair feels (and I think looks) great and this might be the best haircut I’ve ever had. I’m so incredibly happy with my style and I am telling you that if you want a place where you can count on the stylists being awesome, just find an Aveda salon. Plus, their products are fantastic (I’ve already shared my love of the control paste they make).
Anyway, here is the new hair, complete with dorky look because I felt stupid taking a “selfie” (I don’t know why, but it annoys me that “selfie” was pronounced word of the year by Oxford University Press).
photo (1)
Hope everyone is having a blessed Advent and that all the Christmas preparations are going well 🙂

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