We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…

Whoa y’all…it is November already. How did that happen!?! I am so woefully neglectful of the blog these days and while I’m sure no one out there is losing sleep because it’s been awhile since the last post, I do apologize for disappearing.

At any rate, we’ve had some fun things going on out here lately.

For example, I got this:

2013-10-19 13.21.54And made these S’mores cupcakes in honor of National Chocolate Cupcake Day (Oct 18, I think) and took them to watch the Clemson/FSU game with other Clemson alumni:

Thanks for the cupcake icing knife, Mom!
Thanks for the cupcake icing knife, Mom!

In case you are wondering, the Betty Crocker box mix for S’mores cupcakes with accompanying frosting is pretty good and easy to put together. The cupcakes have a marshmallow filling and graham cracker bottom and the icing isn’t just plain chocolate, it definitely has a marshmallow flavor to it. At any rate, I recommend it if you like these kinds of things (Also, people will be impressed by your baking skills because they’ll think you worked super hard on making them!).

So we won’t really say anything else about that Clemson v FSU game….

We’ve both been working a lot. Derrick got to go up to Washington on a business trip almost two weeks ago, so I had to be by myself for a few days. Not particularly fun, but thankfully his job shouldn’t require a whole lot of traveling. One of the main things I do for my job is test the cartridges that go in gas masks that protect you from harmful chemical vapors. Without getting too much into it, basically the past few weeks I’ve had to test with tear gas chemicals and it is absolutely no fun! It makes me sneeze a lot and my eyes water to deal with the solid that we use to generate some of the vapor, but we finally are almost done with our current tests, so I’m very glad to be done with that for now. Other than that, work is going well. I’m learning so much and I’m still finding it enjoyable, with is definitely such a blessing.

My family came out to visit us last weekend and we had a BLAST! So much so, that it deserves its own blog post, so I won’t lump it in to this post, but stay tuned for lots of pictures of the adventures! It was great to see everyone and get to go out and explore more of the Bay area. Plus I got to take Friday off, so I got a 3-day weekend šŸ™‚ It was a bummer to get to the end of the weekend and say good-bye to everyone, but I’m so thankful that they were able to come out here for a few days and spend time with us.

Lately, I’ve been in the mood to do more cooking/experimenting in the kitchen. I made broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts for dinner one night when my parents were in town. It’s a recipe I found from skinnytaste.com, which is a blog that has a lot of recipes that are “skinnny” aka she cuts out ingredients or substitutes or whatever to make recipes healthier or lower calorie or something like that. She does a good job with her recipes I think (at least the handful I’ve tried) in making things still taste good even without a lot of extra salt or butter, etc. Tonight for dinner, I made these turkey and white bean stuffed peppers (a modified recipe again from skinnytaste.com):


Served with cheddar garlic biscuits
Served with cheddar garlic biscuits

I can’t say that I love peppers, but these were okay, although Derrick thought they could have used more cheese. I’m planning to try a new cookie recipe tomorrow (mostly so that I can use my awesome new mixer again!) so we’ll see how those turn out.

Well I think that’s about all the update I have, other than the family visit which I will hopefully get around to posting within the week, since it’s getting late here on this Saturday evening (yes, I know it is daylight savings and I get an extra hour of sleep, but that doesn’t make me less tired currently).

Hope everyone is ready for the holidays….I’m seeing commercials related to Christmas already, which is just ridiculous, and apparently Christmas candy and decorations are hitting the stores and I’ve seen some people post on facebook that Starbucks has already switched to it’s red holiday cup. So whether you are ready or not to be in the holiday season, too bad, because it is being foisted on us!

Enjoy the extra hour of sleep and have a great week, y’all!



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