She works hard for the money

She works hard for the money

Thanks, Donna Summer, for the blog title inspiration. Yes folks, I’m working now, and it’s a good things too I guess, because as Fyodor Dostoevsky said “Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.” I may have been close to that, but at any rate, I am very thankful to have my job and I’m excited to be working.

This first week has gone pretty good, I think. I am enjoying what I am doing, even though most people might not find it very interesting. I get to tinker in a lab and put things together and run experiments. I have learned a lot this week about the industrial hygiene/safety world because that’s what my company has to be concerned with, and that means I get to care about fun government regulations like OSHA. My boss is awesome; he and I seem to get on well, and he loves baseball so we often are chatting about baseball while we’re in the lab working. Most of the day I’m back in the lab and am pretty separated from the other people that work at the company, except for at lunchtime, but I’ve started to meet/chat with some of my coworkers and everyone has been nice and friendly. Β One of the other ladies who works a little bit in the lab with us told me I should feel good about my progress and that she thought I was doing a great job so far, which made me feel good. Next week she and I will be working on some projects while my boss is out of town. Hopefully I’ve learned enough in the first week to be able to figure out what to do when he isn’t around, but I think it will be a good experience for me to gain some independence and confidence about what I can do. One of my favorite non-job related parts about the company is that every Friday they bring in either donuts or bagels for everyone. One of my least favorite parts about working is learning to readjust to having a lot less free time around the house. I’m sure I’ll settle into a good routine and now that I’m working Derrick offers to help out more with house chores and stuff, but I’m not used to only having a few hours in the evening to try to cook, clean up, do some cleaning, laundry, etc AND I’ve been trying different times for working out to see what works best. So far, I’ve found that I lose all motivation to go to the gym after work, so I get up early, hit the gym, and get to work between 8:30 and 9. My commute isn’t too bad; I get to drive through mountains as the sun is rising and setting over them, so it usually is beautiful plus there isn’t much traffic.

Today we went to a Northern California Clemson Alumni Club gathering to watch the Clemson football game. People get together at this one guy’s garage for most of the games and they make burgers or get pizza or something and people bring snacks and such. It was really nice to meet new people and it was a lot of fun to be able to watch the game with a bunch of other Clemson fans. I think we are going to try to keep going to watch the games with them and maybe we will make some new friends out here πŸ™‚ And in case you missed it, Clemson did beat Syracuse, so we’re rolling along pretty nicely so far.

Well, this post was rather dull and didn’t even have pictures, but I thought I’d just give a quick update about the new job and all that.

Have a great week! πŸ™‚


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