Fantastic Friday

Fantastic Friday

Whoa, two posts in one week….What’s the occasion, you may ask? Well, I wanted to share that I finally am employed! I had been interviewing with a small company over the past few weeks and they offered me the position on Wednesday. I start work a week from Monday, so I have one more week to enjoy and soak up my free time during the days before I’ll be back to the daily grind. My official title will be Associate Technical Director. It has a nice ring to it, no? Anyway, I’m very thankful and blessed (And I’m actually really excited that I don’t have to sit and stalk job boards anymore!); I have lately been feeling so restless and frustrated and feeling like I couldn’t handle much more of the boredom and isolation being stuck at the apartment all the day. But before I hit that breaking point, I got this offer. Funny how God works things out like that…..Thanks for all the prayers and support while I looked for a job 🙂

It’s also a great day because last night the Clemson Tigers got another win against NC State. It was kind of stressful to watch and we looked like we were riding the struggle bus a little bit. BUT a win is a win and hopefully the Tigers keep stepping it up as the season progresses.

And Derrick’s sister will be here tomorrow and we have made plans to go up to San Francisco and then over to Berkeley after that. It’s so weird that Derrick and I have yet to actually go up to San Francisco since moving here in June. So we should have some good adventures and it will be nice to celebrate my new job too with a fun weekend adventure.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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