Blueberry Muffin Fail.

Blueberry Muffin Fail.

First, Happy Constitution Day! That’s right people, it’s Constitution Day and unlike many of our current politicians, I actually care about the Constitution and what it says. So take a moment to appreciate it today. Feeling rusty on your constitutional knowledge? <insert college plug here> Well, you can take a course or two on the Constitution through Hillsdale College’s free online courses here(There are also history courses and soon an economics course, which many politicians also should probably take). Okay, enough about that….

I guess it has been awhile since my last post. Can you guess why? Yup, it’s because we really haven’t done anything worth sharing. DQ works, I job hunt and occupy my time with books and TV and cleaning and whatever else I can think to do. And on the weekends we’ve been sitting around watching college football and NFL games all day long. Derrick’s sister is coming to visit us this weekend, so we’re obviously looking forward to her visit and are trying to figure out what we want to do while she’s here.

So, this weekend I did a little baking. DQ has been eating blueberry muffins for breakfast lately, but they are the ones from the grocery store that stay so moist (and kind of slimy?) for a week and they don’t even put nutrition facts of any kind on the package so it makes one wonder what the heck kind of preservatives/chemicals are in those muffins to keep them “fresh” for so long. So being the oh-so-thoughtful wife that I am, I decided I would make homemade blueberry muffins from scratch. That way I’d feel better about what DQ was eating for breakfast. I found a blueberry yogurt recipe from Joy of Cooking online that seemed pretty straightforward and since this was my first muffin adventure, I wanted something simple (although I did find some pretty interesting recipes for all kinds of other muffins but they were a lot more involved and required ingredients that I don’t know what else I would use them in ( e.g. virgin coconut oil? sounds expensive…)). Anyway, this recipe had me mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately and then fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredient mixture. BUT the recipe told me to put the blueberries in the dry mixΒ beforeΒ folding in the wet ingredients. Now if you are a seasoned muffin-maker, you are probably laughing at me now because after talking to my mom, I discovered that this is a silly idea and that blueberries should be added very last and mixed just enough into the batter before filling the muffin pan. Because if you add them to the dry ingredients before mixing in everything else, your batter will look like this:

Clemson purple!

And your final product will look like this:

Hey, maybe I wanted to make smurf-muffins…

Luckily, they actually taste pretty good, so despite being less than aesthetically-pleasing to look at, they are edible. But next time I am definitely waiting until after all the ingredients are mixed together before adding blueberries.

We had another wildfire out here about 50 miles north of us on Mt. Diablo. The first morning after the fire started, DQ actually saw smoke in the sky when he was driving to work, which made the idea of a wildfire seem a lot more real to us both. The fire is already over 80% contained though and didn’t ever get too bad/dangerous. We’re finally getting some “fall” weather out here…temperatures are staying in the 70s mostly. Still no rain, although everyone promises come November/December through February or so we will have a lot of rain. I’ll believe it when I see it…

Hard to believe we’ve been out here now for over 3 months! Missing all our family and friends. Have a good week and don’t forget to watch Clemson take on NC State on Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Blueberry Muffin Fail.

  1. LOLing at your blueberry muffin pics . This makes me feel better about my fails in the kitchen. However , most of the time my mistakes aren’t edible , so you 1 -upped me there. πŸ™‚

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