Honeymoon Pictures

Honeymoon Pictures

Really creative title right? Well, since we haven’t done much lately (except watch the Clemson Tigers beat UGA in a crazy awesome exciting game on Saturday! Woohoo go Tigers!) and because we have some pretty cool pictures, today I’m sharing some from our honeymoon. Because it annoys me, let me explain that the pictures are different sizes because they came from different cameras and some were on facebook and anyway, the non-uniformity is not aesthetically pleasing to me, but it will have to do.

Derrick and I went to the mountains for our honeymoon. We had our own little cabin in the woods for a week and got to enjoy some peace and relaxation before we headed home to pack up our apartment and move to California. We rented the cabin from Mountain Top Cabin RentalsΒ and if you are considering a stay in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I’d recommend them. Our cabin was really nice and we didn’t have any issues with anything.
The town of Blue Ridge is a cute little mountain town, complete with shops full of black bear kitsch and a lot of local restaurants and candy stores and such.

We did a lot of exploring, some of it on purpose, and some of it on accident. You see, things up in that area aren’t really well marked. So when you think, “Hey, let’s go see <insert name of some landmark/waterfall/mountain here>,” you think there should be large signs and easy access. Wrong! We spent I don’t even know how much time trying to find stuff that we never got to either because our GPS/directions/maps were no good or you would have needed a monster truck to make it down the road, but we did make it (accidentally) to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.





There’s a log book in the rock underneath the marker that everyone who has come up to Springer Mountain has signed, so we signed our names too.


We also found Long Creek Falls (again, not intentionally):






We also went to Amicalola Falls, which was absolutely breathtaking (and easy to find because there is a whole park area for the Falls and there are a lot of signs!) It is the highest waterfall in Georgia at 729 ft. There were a lot of stairs:

But the views were worth it:







At the top, we stopped at the lodge there:

And had some beautiful views (and a snake) on the way back down:




Derrick got me a bear while we were at the lodge
Derrick got me a bear while we were at the lodge

One day we took the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, an old train that runs along the Toccoa River and takes passengers to Copperhill, TN/McCaysville, GA. It is one town but the state line runs through the town so it has two different names. I’m not going to lie, riding the train was fun but the town is basically dying. I think one of the only reasons it still exists is because the train brings tourists to the town on a fairly regular basis. So that was kind of depressing. I think it used to be a mining and textile town, but now I can’t remember. At any rate, the stopover wasn’t ideal, but we still enjoyed the day.


2013-05-30 10.10.54

2013-05-30 10.19.43

2013-05-30 10.22.30

2013-05-30 10.10.46

We went horseback riding on our last full day in Blue Ridge, but didn’t take pictures. Although I will mention that Derrick managed to get a horse who was pretty ornery…maybe they match the rider’s personality to the horse’s personality! πŸ˜‰

Our other big adventure was going to Brasstown Bald, the highest natural point in Georgia. Somewhere Derrick read in someone’s travel blog about watching the sun set at Brasstown Bald and it sounded fun and romantic and a great spot to take some awesome pictures of the sunset over the mountains. So we headed out from the cabin, stopped at Zaxby’s for dinner (oh man I miss Zaxby’s!) and got to the park with plenty of time to spare before sunset. Now, there’s a 0.9 mile trail to get up to the top of the bald from the parking lot, which was deserted when we got there. There’s an access road that also winds its way up to the bald because during the day, a shuttle runs to take people up there. Well, I don’t know if I just didn’t think about it or what, but as we were climbing the trail (which switch-backed up the mountainside and was actually pretty strenuous) it occurred to me that we were watching the sunset.Β As in, the sun would be going away and we would be at the top of an abandoned mountain top…in the dark…so naturally, I started to panic. Once we got up there and were hanging out in the fort/observation tower thing, I really freaked out. I was convinced we were going to either be murdered by some ruffian that just happened to be in the woods or that a bunch of black bears would come and attack us. Anyway, we may or may not have our first married couple row up there because I was kind of ruining that majestic moment of being on the top of the mountain watching the sun set and Derrick didn’t think that was cool. I calmed down finally to enjoy the experience, but made us leave earlier than Derrick would have liked so that we wouldn’t have to go back to the car in pitch black darkness. We also went down the access road, not through the woods, because I was still worried about bears. And I may or may not have run most of the way because I was freaking out about how dark it was getting. Well, anyway, it was still beautiful and we made it back to the car safely, so it was worth the trip:







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