Where the Tigers Play

Where the Tigers Play

Well, this post really doesn’t have much to do with Clemson, but I am feeling excited and nostalgic about my graduate school Alma Mater and so we’re going to start this post off by talking about Clemson, where the Tigers play. Tomorrow is the big day! College football technically kicked off yesterday, but let’s be honest, any of the “big” games that people want to watch are tomorrow. And Game Day is at dear old Clemson for the big season opener against UGA, renewing a rivalry that has been dormant for 10 years (if you want a little history lesson, this article is a good choice). Derrick and I are pretty excited and we have both been sporting Clemson attire most of the week. I’ve worn Clemson shirts every day of the week and except for maybe one day Derrick has either worn Clemson polos or orange polos. So we’re ready for tomorrow! We feel a little bummed about not being there, considering Derrick hasn’t missed a Clemson home football game over the past 7 seasons and I had 3 straight seasons of cheering for the Tigers in Death Valley. And it’s a night game, of which Clemson doesn’t get many, and Game Day is there. BUT rest assured, we will be wearing more Clemson gear tomorrow and cheering loudly for the Tigers from our apartment! So those are the big weekend plans for us.

2012-09-15 15.05.58

I realized while working on this post that it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Geesh, I need to get on the ball. Okay so what have we been up to out here?

Well Sunday was our 3-month anniversary, so that was pretty cool…it’s weird because it doesn’t feel like it’s been 3 months already but it also feels like it has been much longer than 3 months (in a good way! not in a we’ve-been-trudging-along-and-it-has-gotten-boring kind of way). I look back now on the whirlwind that was graduation, wedding, honeymoon, and moving and can’t believe we got through all that relatively smoothly (minus the stupid movers). God is good. Unfortunately, Derrick and I were both a little under the weather this past weekend, so our original idea of finally making it down to Santa Cruz got scratched and we spent Sunday evening eating pizza and watching the third Batman movie, but it was still nice to just relax and spend time together (Derrick has been having to work late again lately because of all the visitors and people they have had coming in).

I have been kind of crafty off and on since we moved to California, mainly working on this counted cross-stitch piece that I sent to my nephew:

IMG_2389I still have a big piece that I’ve had for years now and between college and grad school and life, I still am nowhere near finishing it, but I’ve been working on it again, especially since I finished the jungle animal picture (although doesn’t an otter kind of seem out of place here?).

I’m still working on the whole getting-myself-gainfully-employed thing, but still have some things floating out there that may work out.

We are about 3 or 4 hours from Yosemite where they have been battling a big wildfire…actually it is the 7th-largest fire in California records (dating back to 1932…there is a big article here about the wildfire if you haven’t seen/heard about it and a map here of all the damaged areas.) and it has threatened a reservoir that is one of San Francisco’s main drinking water supply, but as far as I have heard, the water supply is still okay. I don’t think down in the South Bay we would have been affected, but still, it’s not a great situation. At any rate, I don’t think we will be directly affected by it, but keep everyone in your prayers out here as they work to deal with the Rim Fire…I read somewhere that they think they will have it contained by September 10, but it could be weeks or even months before the whole thing burns out.

In other news, the cats are still pretty busy doing stuff like this:

She apparently has a bad hangover and the light is too much for her to handle
She apparently has a bad hangover and the light is too much for her to handle
Don't judge me for tucking him in...I'm running out of ways to occupy my free time...
Don’t judge me for tucking him in…I’m running out of ways to occupy my free time…

And I’ve been doing a lot of reading as well, mostly because with the library, it is about the cheapest entertainment and I figure it keeps my brain from completely turning to mush while I wait for a job. And I figure once I DO have a job, it will be a lot harder for me to find time to read, so I’m trying to soak it all up while I can.

Now for a public service announcement: Sometimes it is okay to make two trips…I normally advocate only making one trip, whether it be from car to apartment/house when you have stuff to unload, from downstairs to upstairs, etc. One. If you don’t haul all your stuff in one trip, you’re doing it wrong (exceptions for moving or coming home from college, etc). I’m that foolishly stubborn person that figures out a way to make one trip. So this morning I got home from the grocery store (since going to the grocery store here can be somewhat of a challenge…there’s about 320 million apartment complexes right in this area and only ONE grocery store basically, so if you go once people are off work or on the weekends, it’s a madhouse) and, as usual, decided I would make one trip to bring all the groceries in. Side note: I park in a subterranean garage and then have to walk to the elevator and go up to the second floor and down the hall to get to the apartment. Today, among my other groceries, I had 6 bottles of Gatorade (10 for $10 special, hard to pass up Gatorade for $1, except out here they charge you stupid $0.10 CRV, so really $1.10, but still) and 2 bottles of juice, and a jug of sweet tea (yes, I found sweet tea and all this college football and Clemson talk left me with a hankering for a taste of the South). And as I picked up all the groceries and was loading my arms up with everything, I had a brief moment of thinking maybe I should just  leave some of the bags with Gatorade and juice here and come back for a second trip. But I’m stubborn, so no, I got all the bags and took them to the apartment. And oh my gosh, it did not feel good. I was cutting off circulation to my fingers and forearms and of course the elevator took its sweet time getting down to the garage, so I got everything in the apartment and noticed this from carrying all those heavy bags:

IMG_2414It doesn’t feel good, my friends, it does not feel good. Lesson learned. Please don’t be stupidly stubborn/lazy and just make two trips people.

Oh yeah! And one of the most exciting parts of this week is that we finally saw our wedding pictures online! We have a CD with all our pictures on the way but for now at least, we finally can see all the photos that beautifully capture our very happy wedding day. Go to swampfoxphotography.com and then to the store front and then client viewing and you’ll be able to find our pictures if you want to take a look. We may have been waiting  for what felt like an interminable time, but in the end, I feel so happy to have such great photos 🙂

What to look forward to in upcoming posts: Honeymoon pics/stories. We did some hiking and sightseeing in the Blue Ridge mountains and have some pretty cool pictures (some of which Derrick put on Facebook) of waterfalls and mountains and such, so I’ll share some of those adventures since I don’t have a lot to tell you about California adventures right now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy some college football and most importantly…






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